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  1. This is a discussion about the last Batman movie. I'm laughing a lot. (if you don't like Kevin Smith you might not like it.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W_PoL-dXf0 Dude
  2. Dude

    It hurts so good

    That Death man? Either way I would like to see that Joker tattoo.
  3. Dude


    That's very cool man.
  4. I kind of like the last two. Not that I would put one on me though. Dude edit: I should have posted with quotes. I was looking at the one with the bus.
  5. Hi Folks, I'm curious about the elements of the traditional Japanese tattoos. I've found a few pieces of information but not very much. Was there a discussion on this form about that topic I might have missed (and someone could point me to?) Or is there a website or book that someone could suggest? I've been looking at some google images of woodblock prints but for this kind of thing (visual images) I usually need written/verbal direction to help me identify elements and patterns. Thanks, Dude
  6. When I first read this I though you were using mummy as in a mom. It didn't make any sense to me. To much beer I suppose :)
  7. I dig your style man. *edit* I think I screwed this up. I was trying to comment on Dans's photo a couple of pages back. I will leave it here for posterity.
  8. I really like this. Not much more to say :)
  9. For what its worth, I have a tattoo of a crow on my shoulder. I'll attach it to my account later. One image I would like to see more of is mice and rats... I think they are cool which is the same reason I got the crow :) Take it easy. Dude
  10. Dude

    Mega Man

    I think that's a metroid from the Metroid games. Mega man is a little guy with (usually) blue armor.
  11. Yikes! Now I'm not a big city lawyer but it seems to me that if my shoes were that valuable I wouldn't be putting my sweaty feet in them. Probably wouldn't be letting them come in contact with who knows what on the dirty dirty ground either. Honestly, who knows where other people have been with their shoes. What with all the non-human animals living out there and what not. Seems to me the best place to keep something like that is in a display case somewhere or maybe in a special box just for a matching pair. It would be some kind of storage place with other pairs of shoes. You could even keep some material inside each shoe to make sure they don't loose their shape. It could be call a shoe storage place or maybe "shoe store" for short. ;) Take it easy, Dude
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