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  1. As @scottyg said, that location is difficult to heal. Just keep it clean and let it heal. That's what I did for both of my arm ditches.
  2. It just has to heal. It'll be fine.
  3. Dude. Don't lie to him. It is AWFUL. It is badly done and amateurish. There isn't a straight line to be seen anywhere. All the damn shading in the world can't fix that horrible tattoo.
  4. If you can walk in and ask to get a tattoo that large, RUN AWAY. FAST.
  5. Exactly. It lasts so long that it probably ends up being cheaper, but some people just wanna use Palmer's, and that's cool. Just doesn't smell like you could eat it. 🤣
  6. I like Palmers, but I love the smell of Hustle Butter. That said, I've only bought it once because it lasts forever. You use such a small amount. To each their own.
  7. If it is perfect, it's not their work—if they do shoddy work like the OP received.
  8. It's too early to tell. It isn't remotely healed yet. You need to just look after it, don't over moisturize it, and keep it clean. You can always get it touched up. Is this your first tattoo?
  9. I'd just keep it clean and dry. If you want to pick one of those two, I'd use Hustle Butter but VERY sparingly. Great tattoo, by the way.
  10. Nice work. My artist used to tattoo with Travis, and I have friends who have been tattooed by him.
  11. Yeah, stop moisturizing it. Just keep it clean and let it heal.
  12. If you are learning to tattoo, you must be apprenticing somewhere?. If not? You're a scratcher. Also, if you read the rules? We don't give tattooing advice here. It isn't what we do here.
  13. I'd suggest you'd just keep it clean and quit putting anything on it. It's called a dry heal. Looks like a good plan in your case.
  14. oboogie

    Infected tattoo

    YIKES. This is why it is best to go to the doctor if you have any question about such things. Glad you are on the mend.
  15. You "did" this tattoo three days ago? Who did it? You or an actual artist? Either way, a blowout is a blowout. Nothing you can do to "fix" it.
  16. Ignore other people. It looks nothing like a swastika. The end.
  17. Worrying until you are sick at your stomach and thinking about covering up an unfinished cover-up is not normal or healthy,. That level of anxiety is very worrying, and it suggests to me there is an issue. This person says they have other tattoos, but it might be one tiny one somewhere. It doesn't mean they are equipped to handle an enormous tattoo on their arm. Any attempt to cover that up again will drive this person around the twist because it will not look better. So thanks for sharing your thoughts, but I stand by my comment.
  18. oboogie

    Tattoo newbie

    No tattoo will be perfect. Just know that going in.
  19. Please don't get anymore tattoos. People with your level of anxiety should never get tattooed. Covering up a cover up is going to make it worse because you're never going to stop obsessing. Just live with it for a while. You have to.
  20. That's not an infection, but it could be a reaction to the red pigment, as @SStu said.
  21. oboogie

    Tattoo newbie

    Welcome! Take the drawing to give the artist an idea, but please know he/she will redraw it and make tweaks to make it tattoo ready.
  22. He doesn't have to play nice. 😂 The same questions over and over get a little draining. And newbies always think we're meanies. Nah. Just sick of the same newbie questions over and over and over and over. Search works really well in here. Every question has been answered two or three time over.