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  1. I can't see anything. There is no photo.
  2. Yes. Because you look at the stencil, and you approved it. Frankly, nothing you are saying makes sense. If you can't tell that he is about to tattoo an entirely different character from LOTR on you from the stencil, then no one here can help you. Moving you to my ignore list. Bye now. 🤣
  3. Bless your simple heart. Ignores go both ways. BYEEEEE. 🤣
  4. DID YOU LOOK AT THE STENCIL? if you can't answer that question, I'll block you and move on.
  5. So you don't want help? Got it. You are making yourself look very foolish. We can just block you and not help you if that's what you prefer. You still didn't answer me. Did you look at the stencil?
  6. Did you not look at the stencil? If you didn't, that is on you. If you did and said OK, that's also on you. You cannot start new threads anywhere but Initiation until you have posted at least ten times on other threads.
  7. You are crazy and overthinking this. Seriously. Ask more questions. Stop obsessing.
  8. Agree. It looks very one-tone. I am not a fan, but if you like it, that's all that matters. 👍
  9. Just treat it with the bepanthen. Not sure what your eczema cream would do to the tattoo.
  10. Just take care of your tattoo and start planning another one.
  11. Stop staring at it. It is healing, and it will be healing for a while. You cannot tell anything yet. Keep it clean and quit putting junk on it.
  12. I have tons of tattoos. What are you talking about?
  13. Just get the tattoo. I don't understand the question?
  14. There's a whole thread about Latest Tattoos here:
  15. Just don't. You aren't in charge here. So do not.
  16. Also, quit drowning it in Aquaphor or whatever you are using. Just let it dry heala at this point.
  17. Yes. It's just the surface. I recently got my knee done, and it had deep grooves in it where it bends. It looks normal now.
  18. It looks like you have been picking your scabs, drenching them in something like Aquaphor, or the artist went WAY TOO DEEP. Essentially, you need to keep it clean, stop drowning it in stuff, and never pick the scabs. It will have to be touched up because whatever you are doing/whatever your artist did has made the scabs pull out a lot of the color. Just keep it clean and DO NOT PICK at it.
  19. I got my knee done (not the ditch), and it took weeks to heal. The inside ditch of both of my arms took a while to fully heal, too. You just have to get on with it, keep it clean, and learn to leave with the pain until it heals.
  20. This post is over three years old. A lot of people ask questions then never come back. I wouldn't count on an update. 😂
  21. Looks like you are putting too much stuff on it. Let it dry heal.
  22. Jesus. That's a massive blowout. Don't go back to that artist. Blowout happens, but that is HUGE. Find a better artist and get more tattoos around it.
  23. Talk to your artist and let him sketch some stuff up.
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