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  1. Touched-up knee and a few new little space fillers.
  2. Going this week to get my knee touched up, some small tattoos to fill in my legs, and some stars and dots. I haven't been to see my friend/tattoo artist Josh in over a year, so I'm looking forward to it!
  3. I use Kiehl's lotion on mine. No issues. You are overthinking it.
  4. I don't know how well that will hold up, especially if you don't find an artist that has serious skills. I would try to make that less ... busy? There's just too much happening. Way too much.
  5. Quit worrying about it. It's not healed. It can be touched up. End of.
  6. Looks fine. Just keep it clean.
  7. I wear that shirt all the time. I enjoy the confusion in people's face since I am covered in tattoos.
  8. It's fine. It was made by a human hand. Don't get tattoos if you don't like imperfect things.
  9. You can post your stuff there if you want (after you've participated on a few other threads on the forum), but no one will buy it. There are no artists here anymore.
  10. Just power through it. My artist won't work on anyone who takes pain medication. You could try some numbing cream, I guess, but check with your artist. I just don't think any numbing cream will help with the ribs.
  11. I'm sorry this happened. NEVER go back there.
  12. This is a really old post. Just a heads-up.
  13. You find a four-year-old post and act like an toddler in your reply. Man. You are so cool. 🤣
  14. My elbows were both super painful. But I think my knee was the worst.
  15. Hi. Female here. Don't get a cliche tattoo in Vegas if you are worried about the pain. Also, calling people names? Grow the F*** up. Byeeeeeee.
  16. What @Hogridersaid. American Traditional could never be cliched.
  17. it's skin. Not paper. Of course it moves. Just get more tattoos.
  18. oboogie


    Why do they come here, ask a question, then delete the post? WHY?
  19. oboogie


    Just let it heal. It looks fine.
  20. As @Danand @Hogridermentioned, the quality of these tattoos is subpar. They look like they are by an apprentice, i.e., someone very new to tattooing. Just look for a better artist to get more work. Let us know where you are and maybe we can help. As for your original question—no, they don't look particularly cohesive. But I'm covered in lots of tattoos that don't really go together, but my artist (the guy who has done 99% of my work) finds ways to tie them all together. Just work on getting better work done. Good luck!
  21. It doesn't look like it was very solid black to begin with. Looks to me like you'll need to get a lot of it touched up.
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