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  1. Take your antibiotics, man. All of them!
  2. No one cares what it says. Trust me on that.
  3. It's a nice sentiment. Cover it if you want, but why not just interpret it a new way? Otherwise, you are just going to have a big weird black bar.
  4. That's how tattoos work. It's fine. Just get more tattoos.
  5. Turning up to a new place to try to get people to back your crowdfunding product is a bad idea. I've backed many Kickstarters, but I learn about it organically and find out for myself. Also, this isn't going to work. My artist has a degree in art and can draw anything I need him to. The vast majority of tattoo artists aren't going to tattoo something you brought in from some nobody who has never tattooed. They will laugh about your request after you leave. It's just not how this works. That's not how any of this works.
  6. It looks pretty rough and full of blowouts. I think you need someone to cover that up and just put the dainty bird somewhere else. Also, don't go back to whoever did that. Find a new artist who excels at coverups.
  7. You can't really clean up something like that. I'd get the whole thing covered up, or you will wind up hating it.
  8. What Dan and SStu said. It looks fine. Don't start messing around with it, or you will end up even more unhappy.
  9. Not a lot you can do there. Sorry. Definitely seek out a coverup specialist.
  10. oboogie

    Hello to all!

    What happens way too often?
  11. Looks fine. You can't expect it to look the same as it did new. That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.
  12. Just get it touched up again.
  13. I'm with SStu. Keep it clean and let it heal. The less futzing, the better.
  14. What @Hogrider said. If someone says they can do it "cheap," run a mile. Quality tattoos aren't cheap. Also, not every tattoo artist will be comfortable tattooing scar tissue. Check around and ask a lot of questions if you find someone.
  15. Reported. Scratchers not allowed. Bye.
  16. Josh Henderson, the guy who does most of my work, has a lot of his artwork up for sale on Big Cartel. I already have some, but I may buy some more.
  17. It is still healing. But if it is blown out? There is nothing you can do about it. Just enjoy your tattoo and get on with your life.
  18. Ask a good artist. They can help you brainstorm and come up with some good ideas.
  19. As I said, that will all fade away almost completely with no outline. Don't worry about it.
  20. As I said on the the other thread, it is still healing. You aren't going to know what it looks like until it is finished healing. Quit worrying.
  21. Our state shut all tattoo shops this week. I really feel for tattoo artists right now.
  22. It'll fade. That blue watercolor part will be gone completely before you know it. Just get on with your life and stop worrying about it.