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  1. Your doctor sounds insane. Do not go to her about any tattoos. And please do not get any other tattoos. Ever.
  2. There are 1,345 threads about this. Just learn to live with it or pay a fortune to fade it and get something else. Those are your choices. Also, don't get any more tattoos.
  3. Looks like it's meant to be a koi fish ying and yang.
  4. It doesn't look odd. It looks good. It will fade and be more grey later (less black). You'll get used to it. You kinda have to. I was in my early twenties when I got my first tattoo, and it bugged me for a little while. Then I got used to it. Then, at 40, I started getting covered with tattoos. They are part of me. That tattoo is part of you now. Learn to love it. It looks good.
  5. Tattoo removal is not an eraser, and it is hugely expensive. You need to learn to live with it. It looks fine. I'll give you the same advice I give to anyone who regrets their tattoo: Do not get any other tattoos. It is permanent. If you are unsure, NEVER get the tattoo.
  6. Tattoos do not heal in five days. It is far too soon to tell. Just let it heal and quit worrying. If you are going to obsess over stuff like this, please do not get anymore tattoos.
  7. Bless your simple heart. 😂
  8. Yeah, that's a no. This has been going on forever—he asks for advice, but he doesn't listen to the answer if he doesn't like it. But it's nice of you to try.
  9. Is this your first tattoo? Just keep it clean. If you are that worried, go see a doctor. We aren't doctors here.
  10. I found a Hot Stuff I liked on some flash and someone do that for me. But it was in the shop—I didn't bring it in. No idea how that would work.
  11. Keep it clean. Don't put anything else on it. If it fills with pus, go to the doctor.
  12. oboogie


    Oh, dear. She deleted it.
  13. Because it's every.single.thread. That's why. If you have that many other tattoos, you know that blowouts happen. There's not a single thing you can do about it. The end.
  14. For the love all that is good and holy, do not get any other tattoos. They are imperfect. Always.
  15. It's absolutely absurd. That's what. I feel like you must be very young. I can think of no other explanation.
  16. I can't stop giggling. Just get the tattoo. This is just weird.
  17. oboogie


    Um. WUT.
  18. Just wait and see. You can always get it touched up later.
  19. If you don't want opinions, don't ask. @SStuwas just trying to assist you.
  20. It it is hot or has yellow/green liquid coming out of it, it may be infected. We are not doctors. Go see one. (I've had an infected tattoo due to a reaction to a particular color ink, and I had to get a shot of antibiotics.)
  21. If that's the case, I doubt there is much you can do about it.
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