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  1. I'd just leave it and let it heal.
  2. She's probably just busy. Email her again. Or stop by the shop and chat with her about it.
  3. That is gorgeous. Look forward to your April update!
  4. I think you should leave it. it will just end up darker and muddier.
  5. You keep asking the same questions in hopes of getting different answers. We aren't doctors, but we haven't never had a similar reaction, and we don't think they are related. You do. That's between you and your doctor. Good luck.
  6. oboogie


    Why did you delete it? That is annoying as hell.
  7. No. Never. You seem convinced the two things are related, and they are not.
  8. THEY DO NOT MEAN ANYTHING. Just get the tattoo. Seriously. This is silly. I am beginning to think you don't really want a tattoo.
  9. It means whatever you assign to it. Just get what you want and don't worry what anyone else thinks.
  10. oboogie

    Blown out ?

    Exactly! Now you know. 🙂
  11. oboogie

    Blown out ?

    I am sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel worse. It's kind of funny and bad in good way. Just keep it and get more (better quality) tattoos.
  12. oboogie

    Reaction /rash

    Photo? I have raised parts in some of my tattoos sometimes. Not really sure why.
  13. oboogie

    Blown out ?

    That is awful. Please don't go back there. Nothing you can do about the blowout.
  14. The watercolor will fade because there is no outline. Not much you can do about that, I'm afraid.
  15. I think it must be a coincidence. Hang in there.
  16. You really are overthinking it. Just let it heal. It's not infected.
  17. I felt weird at first, too, but now I have two full sleeves and my lower legs are covered. You'll get used to it. Don't try to add to it. It'll look like ass. Just own it and enjoy it. It's fine. It's not 'too dark" in any way. It will fade significantly. You won't see the "watercolor" elements at all before long.
  18. Just leave it. Trying to cover that or "connect" the two is going to make it worse. It looks OK.
  19. Didn't you already post this exact thing a couple of weeks ago?
  20. Tattoos have to be touched up sometimes. No big deal. Still looks good.
  21. That's ALL that matters. Enjoy it.
  22. Cover that whole thing up. It's not very good.