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  1. Thanks I hope your right. But if making it bigger or adding shadding to hide the bleed out isn't the answer (if that is in fact what has happened,) then what would the answer be? It's pretty noticeable on my trap muscle. I'd see it all the time. It would be a constant spruce of anxiety
  2. I tried to resize the pictures a few times but the site wouldn't accept them. Those pics were taken 2 days after I got it done. I'll wait like your saying and then make a plan. I have a touch up in a month if it's a blow out I guess I have to ask him to make it bigger or put ashadding around around it to hide the blurring? Thanks for the opinion guys
  3. Just got a full back peice with a lot of tribal lines. However the ink is running out of the lines and making a blurr out of the surrounding area. Does anyone know if this is part of the healing process or a blow out? what should i do? ( the pictures are kinda small, hold control and scroll with your mouse to make larger). Any insight would help, Thanks
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