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  1. When I walk into a shop and someone behind the counter asks, "can I help you?" "I want to get tattooed." What the fuck kind of dumb question is that?
  2. Yesssssss...definitely not enough love for Uptown Tattoo around, great place. Kinsey rules.
  3. Bitching about people who grab your arm to get a better look at your tattoos IS OVER!
  4. Word, for some reason don't think of Whitehead as being around here because I always associate him with Cali, ha. I know he's trying to get back there soon. I should hit him up in Chicago because its much closer to here than Cali is! No SD/ND/NE/IA/WY/MT love? I totally understand why.
  5. Gee, that wasn't predictable...do you still like Josh Howard now that he doesn't work at CTC anymore? Dude is real good.
  6. The midwest definitely does not get enough love on this board, most really stunning tattooers set up shop on the coasts and for obvious reasons. So, this is the thread to talk about the men and women who don't get enough praise and/or recognition! Who do you like in the Midwest? I know there are good tattooers everywhere but they're a little harder to find around here it seems...
  7. You're so humble as though everyone on here doesn't know of you already. Ha ha. Welcome.
  8. This is on Hulu as well in its entirety. Thats where I watched it, pretty good doc.
  9. It should be acknowledged though that there are some flash designs that are just being beat to fucking death...the kind you see as every tenth picture of a tatt on Instagram. So, there is a downside to this as well...
  10. Who honestly cares? Just another entry in the recent history of people trying to bite TRVE TATTOO CULTURE MAN. Buy it or don't, but I bet a lot of people who do go for this stuff get tattoo "inspiration" from Pinterest.
  11. I kinda wish more shops did this...I've definitely had that experience where I walk in, chat about what I want, pick it out, get it drawn up, and the last thing I hear is, "Oh, it'll be this much" because I've definitely been like "FFFFUUUU...well, I'm already here I guess."
  12. Edited for emphasis, but, this. I'm not trying to be a prick about it but if you have to ask the advice of relative strangers on what to do, well, you probably aren't ready to have your forearms tattooed.
  13. Just go with some Sailor Jerry flash if you're looking for the classic "love" tattoo, I have one myself! I would recommend against the snake though, maybe a dagger through a heart with yr grammy's name or something? I dunno, my Grandma died a few years ago and I want a memorial tattoo but don't really want to think of her when I look at a snake, not exactly a positive association IMO.
  14. Where do y'all hang out that people stare/grab/touch/point at you? Never had this happen, and I have multiple piercings and tattoos...
  15. New business cards: "Scott Sylvia: tattooer and neckbeard asshole on the internet." But seriously:
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