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  1. Yay another Minnesotan on here. We have a lot of good shops here, a lot of bad ones too
  2. Hey thanks! I really appreciate it. I've only been tattooing for 5 years so i know i still have a long way to go!
  3. I guess I'm used to getting stared at. Doesnt really bother me
  4. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  5. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  6. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  7. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  8. Personally, I just say that none of my tattoos have a deep meaning...it's the truth
  9. I work at the studio with Jon, and I remember your tattoo. I'm glad you appreciate it a bit more than you did the last time you were at the shop. I think its a pretty lovely tattoo. Cheers
  10. Hey, I'm back, after lurking a few more years. I finally added a gallery of my work. I currently Tattoo at Broken Hearts Tattoo Club in NE Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  11. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  12. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  13. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  14. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  15. Adam Underwood
  16. Adam Underwood
  17. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  18. Adam Underwood
  19. Adam Underwood
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