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  1. Can't go wrong with Great Lakes Tattoo in Chicago. I'm in Minneapolis and like Leviticus but most people here will suggest Aloha Monkey and they are not wrong. Come to the Midwest. Most of the people in Alaska are from Minnesota anyway so you will feel comfortable here.

    Yay another Minnesotan on here. We have a lot of good shops here, a lot of bad ones too

  2. I grew up in a hippy ass section of Minneapolis called the West Bank, and there were a few biker bars on the south end of the neighborhood. I remember I was about 8 years old when I really noticed them and thought they were rad as shit.

    On another note, I remember when my son first noticed tattoos as something unnatural on the body. When he was 3, he was sitting on my lap when his eyes locked onto my arm. He grabbed my arm firmly and scanned it over with intense focus...then let out the words "cool, dad"

  3. Don't know if this has been brought up, but when people ask for something feminine it kind of confusing to me, usually because each person means something different and usually has nothing to do gender. First usually the person is asking you to give gender characteristic to either an intimate object like a ship, a gender neutral design like a flower, or animal where male and female aren't really that different, my example of this would be an owl. Usually it's not a case of slapping a pair of tits or an evening dress or a tiara on the tattoo. I mean usually they are referring to not making the drawing as bold or to not use as much black, sometimes they want the drawing more new school or cartoon like. Sometimes it's the colors they want you to use in the tattoo. I usually point out that femininity can't really be lost by getting a tattoo, which is what people are putting into these young girls heads.

    I hear ya. This happened a lot at the last shop I worked at. My default fix was to put long eyelashes on it if the piece is an animal. If its a inanimate desgin I just use the power of suggestion after drawing up the design and telling them, "see what I did there? (points to whatever) That's to give it a more delecate feminine vibe"

    They almost always go with it.

  4. Yo,

    I'm just a dude who found this forum cause my boss put me on to this site.

    My name is Adam, I live in Minneapolis, and I've been tattooing professionaly for a measly 1 year. Recently started at a new shop from leaving the one I apprrenticed at. Still learning a fuck ton. I'll probably lurk pretty hard for a while, and not post too much. Still thought I'd introduce myself.