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  1. I'm considering just blacking it out and going with a similar smokey type that was suggested earlier in the post, I might just go with a half sleeve but I don't want it all as dark so the forearm would have to be the blackest part
  2. Ya mine was a similar type idea. That one was done much better
  3. Thanks for the advice that's a great idea . Ya the black caught me off guard soon as he started but it was too late to stop lol. Gotta start brainstorming ideas for other tattoos that would compliment eachother. Thanks again!
  4. Just over 4 months and ya i'll ad them when i can get to a desktop
  5. So I got a tattoo I'm not happy with at all and am looking to hopefully save it. I gave the artist 5-6 reference pictures of similar tattoos I liked and trusted his abilities because he has put out some really nice work. In the end I wasn't happy with it so didn't bother going back for touchups because I wasn't sure if I wanted to start removing or what. I don't care how much of my arm needs to get used I just want it to not look like a splotchy blob of black. If anyone has any ideas what I can do to hopefully save my tattoo please let me know because I am stumped. Thanks for all input!
  6. Wait until you know for sure you want them
  7. Being broke and not working because oil is down
  8. My new one scarred up a bit and i did all i could. The thing is i don't know if it was me or the artist. The parts that scarred felt like he was pushing too hard almost immediately..
  9. If tattoos are the only thing your parents have to worry about then they are knitpicking. Not a big deal
  10. People can get what ever they want and i won't judge them, unless it's a face tattoo then they're fair game
  11. My question is is there any way to fix solid black lol
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