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  1. Man times have changed hahah people will probably start getting there Facebook links or something stupid.
  2. I wanna make it out to smith st, one thing you don't have to worry about when going to that shop is getting a bad tattoo. Solid dudes doing solid work.
  3. Two quick clarifications hahah, I had went by InkHouse due to hearing they were closing, not exactly sure the reasoning nor is it my business (just incase I'm asked) and everything was taken off the walls and stuff kinda weird just because they had been in the area so long. The other is to huero, don't take the "quoting" of your post that I'm being ignorant I just thought it was a general thread about the style. I know that these forums can get heated over the smallest things hahah
  4. Ink House is no more by the way.. Unfortunant closing after a fairly long time..
  5. I thought this thread was in regard to the style, imagery, and partly application. Not to strictly single needle tattooing..
  6. Check out: scrappy uno.. dude has some real nice looking fine line..
  7. Got and gave some good ol fashion stick and pokes when some friends and I were younger, the only up side was we had our hands on some talons. Hey some of them look like if hooper went to prison hahah just less accurate.
  8. My favorite thus far is from Brother Greg.. He's a rad dude so if anyone is down in southern CA look him up.. San Clemente tattoo.
  9. Pinch the spot real good, if it hurts the tattoo will probably hurt. Hahah as for me the only thing that sucked bad was my ribs, my second tattoo that I got and done by a inexperienced person.. Let's just say the bones probably got some dots on em now hahhah.. My shins didn't bother me, nor did my chest untill each spot was on the last few passes. Second to my ribs had to be that bump under your knee.. Color packed in right there was no fun.
  10. Jose Lopez, Klown, Abey, Placaso.. I few off the top of my head that hadn't been mentioned yet..
  11. "getting blasted", "blast me up", ink, inked, anyone who spells school with a k (skool), I'm sure there's more just need to have them said hahah.
  12. This thread made it over a year before getting to off topic, that's pretty rad.
  13. Dusty

    What's up!

    My name is Dusty, Livin in Orange County CA. Joined the forum because I think it's Awesome that scott's trying to give back some history through the interviews, and hopefully help turn the industry back to the tattoo community and away from the media and suppliers who have nothing to do with the industry. Also he's a awesome artist himself.
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