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  1. I love the idea of flash work, especially in the learning process of tattooing. The shop I work at has flash ceiling-to-floor, and hundreds of sheets in storage as well, so many amazing artists` ideas in a single shop to work from. The article at the bottom of the Jojo link was pretty informative too :)
  2. I know a few people that are heading out there, hope the weather is good! :)
  3. Love it!! The sad part is I know a lot of people who actually talk like this (in some way, not all though). Might be just me, but I find it hilarious when people stereotype Canada like this.. some might be true, but that's what I love about it. Oh and you missed "Toraano/Toronno" instead of Toronto. Haven't met anyone from here who actually pronounces the second T, but then again I am from the Toronto area :P
  4. I was 19 for my first one, got in October on my left calf and was able to hide it until my 3rd (which started peeking out of my sleeve.. summer would've screwed me over anyways). Anyway, my idea behind it is to keep your loved ones close since you don't know how long they'll be there. I get a few meaningful ones here and there, but the majority of mine are just because I liked the artwork or needed to practice during my apprenticeship :)
  5. MlleGrimm

    Barn Swallow

    picture of my barn swallow that I completed on my knee, first try at soft cloud shading :)
  6. The only bad time I had with a tattoo was my foot... started biting my fingers after the first little bit since it bloody hurt! But the end result made enduring it that much more better. I agree with slayer on the green soap, I always twitch with the soap more than the needles close to the end :P
  7. My uncle had a small tattoo of Taz of his shoulder.. earliest one I can remember
  8. heard it was a prank that went viral, but still a really good laugh Worst tattoo I've seen so far was probably one of my first on myself.. started with bad decisions, but learned from it at least. was little gothic-style letters up my leg, waaay too thick and dark. At least it's only 2 inches big, easy to cover later on :) VERY glad that this is the only bad tattoo I've experienced!
  9. Up in Keswick, near Newmarket. Yea going somewhere bigger is kinda where I want to go once I get some experience under my belt :p but can't say no to the country just yet!
  10. Hey all, just stubbled across this forum and thought I'd join in :) My name's Mandie, I'm a tattoo apprentice from a little town north of Toronto and hope I can learn from the stories and experiences from here!
  11. So far the only painful ones I've had are my shin and foot.. and I know I'm very tender on my rib area so probably not touching that for a while!
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