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    Don't be afraid to take all your ideas to the artist once you've found a good one =) most artists love a chance to create something unique for their clients! Don't feel like you have to design it yourself
  2. Lubriderm when I feel like it, and spf70 sunscreen over all my exposed tattoos on sunny days.
  3. kblood


    theyre just warning you to be aware that some photos online are fresh vs healed...
  4. kblood

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    I hope you get the humming bird you wanted!
  5. kblood

    Hey there

    Dismantle & Repair. It's a song by the band Anberlin. It's about one's life falling apart and yet always being put back together with grace, which has been a part of the story I have walked hence it being on my feet. The swallows signify freedom and the poppies are my birth flower (August) and represent my favorite part of summer =)
  6. Get your free touch up. I do this too, always look at the little places that need more ink. Just politely show your artist and ask for touch ups, and as always tip generously =)
  7. kblood

    Hey there

    Really blurry photo of my feet, but you get the idea! =) Getting my feet covered was something I felt like I needed to feel completely "me", and I'm so happy I did!
  8. kblood

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    I love foot tattoos!! Both my feet are very tattooed =) Looks great. Congrats!
  9. kblood

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    Get that awesome lion tattoo!!.
  10. kblood

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    Welcome! Post pics from your session! Sent from my Z755 using Tapatalk
  11. Totally agree with synethesia , get the Griffin in a style that you will love long term. and I totally agree that adding names or dates would take away from the piece! Sent from my Z755 using Tapatalk
  12. I think they don't care and they think they're cool for just having a tattoo. Maybe in some situations they feel more in control because they're scared to give the artist the reins... Sent from my Z755 using Tapatalk
  13. I think you better follow your gut! It has potential to be a great piece but this guy doesn't seem like he knows how to go about this. There are too many mistakes that can be fixed up, but you don't want him making any more mess ups! Sent from my Z755 using Tapatalk
  14. Listen to the critiques you've been given so far. No one is talking you out of getting what you want, only trying to help you get something better. My other advice is, consider reading the quote out of context. Feel it, don't fear it. That sounds weird, and isn't really a complete sentence or idea on its own, which may or may not matter to you. You will likely have friends and family if not random strangers asking "feel what "? When you're in line at the grocery store. Some people look at tattoos like they are public works of art which can be uncomfortable and even more so when your tattoo doesn't really make sense. If you don't want to change the wording my next advice would be to change the orientation of the Crown, make it larger, and put the text maybe under or inside of a banner wrapped around the Crown, in a more legible way. Just some thoughts, I hope you get an awesome tattoo! Sent from my Z755 using Tapatalk
  15. Getting my collar bones started in a week! I'm getting some Grey scale peonies. Super stoked! Sent from my Z755 using Tapatalk
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