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  1. Hey I just got a new piece, and I love it. The artist is super talented and went above my expectations for the work. His shop charges $200/hr which is premium for Toronto, but worth it due to his talent. The issue I have is that I was in the shop for 3 hours. two of which was in the chair. the other hour was his smoke breaks, he actually did a quick consult with someone else and drawing time to re-work the piece. He charged me for the full time, the full 3 hours. I thought etiquette would be to track the time and only charge for when the work was being done. I didn't question it at the time because of all the taboo around haggling price etc.. and I was happy with the end result but after the fact, it really bothers me. I also want to use him again, so I don't want to come across as a petty dick. But it is $200! Advice?