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  1. man your tattoos are awesome!One of the most beautyful girls i've seen.

  2. My client said the oldsmobile is a 78.He lives in Swizerland.There are no Hotrods in my Town.I live in the deep east of Germany.we have few trabants here,ha,ha(google that).

  3. Hey Chad!Any plans to come to Germany?I would love to get a tattoo from you!Are you in Milan next year?

  4. that hot rod is on a customer.he has a oldsmobile but he will build a hotrod when its sold

  5. Hallo Andreas!Richtig gute Arbeiten machst du da.Ich hoffe ich schaffs nächstes Jahr auch mal nach Aachen fürn Tattoo von dir!

  6. Hey Valerie! I really like your Work! Your Flashset looks awesome on the walls at my shop!

  7. Thanks for making this Forum!It's awesome!