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  1. Greg Piper at Exposed Tattoo, finishing off the bottom half of my sleeve.
  2. @marley mission I'm right there with you. Normally I'm real big on simple all natural washing and cleaning. Air drying is the way to go; however, sometimes I have to moisture up to avoid breaking of the skin and scabs.
  3. @marley mission that I have but this balm and Rx is clearing it up nicely. My prior tattoos I never had a problem and honestly if I didn't step in to clear it up it I feel like the problem wouldn't have resolved itself. The balm gives the right amount of moister to my healing tattoo plus it's 100% all natural ingredients. Might help for some folks so I figure I'd pass it along to the community.
  4. @Faust Checking in with how your tattoo is healing up. Mine is getting better daily. Tattoo Nation I came across a product that is worth looking into for tattoo after care. It's called Mudscupper's All Natural Tattoo Balm. It's proven to moisturize, effective anti inflamitory, anti fungal and reverses any bad germs that lands on your new ink. It's work a look.
  5. Gear_Head


    @oboogie I hope not, I would like to think this is great place for the true tattoo community. Good to know you're helping to keep it authentic!
  6. @oboogie thanks buddy :) Keep ya posted
  7. @Sarahwhite Awesome thanks! What's the name of the studio you guys are at? Like to check it out.
  8. @Sarahwhite Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep you posted. BTW, what studio do you work at? I'm a big fan of artist and that of the tattoo nation. Thanks again!
  9. @Sarahwhite Very cool!.., are the out comes favorable? I've been good about air drying, and decreasing moisture care, and I keep it clean. I'm on a Rx so it's been helping. I have a half sleeve already and my aftercare went fantastic on that. My 2nd tattoo is on my inner forearm and its been tough on me on a few spots. Thanks for you're insight!
  10. @Sarahwhite ever have a tattoo get infected or know someone that has?
  11. Question to the Tattoo Nation out there.. After a tattoo infection, what is the likelihood of scarring? If there is, will a touch up do the trick? Thanks
  12. @Faust I did 2 days ago and I am doing a Rx of antibiotics, x2 dosages a day. I'm on my second day of antibiotics and I've started to see an improvement. As you can tell I have just 2 locations that the plasma had a hard time clearing up and some of it got trapped under the scabs as they formed. Before I went to the Dr.'s I cut back on the number of times washing and the amount of after care product and let the tattoo air dry. I have seen a large improvement in just 2 days. Keep me posted on how you're outcome is going for you.
  13. @oboogie it looks great! Thanks for sharing that with me. I appreciate it much. I'll keep you posted how I'm coming along with mine. Thanks Tattoo Nation!
  14. @oboogie Bummer it got infected but I'm really happy to know the outcome turned out great for you. Sadly I have a small infection on mine but I'm currently on a Rx. I was just curious on how you're journey was with the problem and how you're tattoo finished up. It seems to me the folks I talk to say the inner forearm and the calf can be pretty tough spots to heal from. Thanks for informing me and I'm stoked for the finial outcome on my latest tattoo.
  15. I am day 17 post tattoo on my inner forearm and despite my best practices got a infection in a few spots. I actively kept the skin dry and went to my primary. I was given a oral dose of Rx of a antibiotic. Although you can do your best to avoid infections, you can still have it happen. To easy your state of mind consult both your artist and your Dr. Lastly, sometimes ink doesn't take to well for some or it doesn't heal well for you. Each person is different and I'm sure every single tattoo artist out there has retouched their customers at least once. Oboogie, how extensive was your i
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