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  1. Are you always an overly sensitive bitch? i ask a simple question and a bunch of retards come out of nowhere spewing their feelings. if you're too sensitive then stay the fuck off the internet and if don't like what i say then get the fuck off the post
  2. people got upset because i said a tattoo artist sounds like a prima donna because the artist acts as if they have michael angelo-like artwork so they only do 1 tattoo a week which makes them have a 2 or 3 year wait list.... and people got upset like i was talking about them directly and not the tattoo artist. that isn't my problem. its also quite annoying when i ask a simple question and the thread is being cluttered by people acting like overly sensitive 12 year olds. acting like brats because they don't like something i said about their tattoo artist. all i was asking for was a couple instag
  3. I just looked up surrealism in black n grey and i like how everything is like molded/fits in together thats basically the look I'm going for but just realistic as possible... but why do you ask? do you know of a guy that would be well suited for what I'm trying to do?
  4. damn i think oscar might be the guy, thanks. i have a question though... for someone like oscar do people ask for different styles from him? like i want a consistent life-like realism style so id just ask for that right? for example in the pics i posted notice how even in the same piece one musician to the right is way more realistic looking than the other? i find it odd that someone would want one part of a piece more realistic than that other... and notice how realistic the volkswagen and monkey is compared to the birds and street light at the top? or look how realistic the poppy plants are
  5. i wouldn't think eye rolling was enough to leave a pointless comment. you could've just scrolled past and kept it moving
  6. How am i the aggressive one if i made a comment and 2 people came at ME and I'm responding to them with the same attitude they gave me?? and no i don't have the answer i just said i already know of carlos torres. all i was doing was just asking for an instagram link or something its not that serious
  7. lol his secretary did say he charges 300/hour and on instagram he always says how slow he works
  8. "Sorry, the black and grey realism guy I use is apparently a prima donna so...." sounds upset to me and i am over myself, I'm not the one on other peoples threads making useless comments because I'm upset....
  9. because you don't talk to carlos directly you talk to his secretary through email
  10. im not questioning his creativity I'm saying his work seems more geared/focused/best with animals and skeletons and humans and it seems like carlos is more into doing big pieces like a big horse or a big human instead of a bunch of smaller pieces on a sleeve, ya know? i like josh duffy though, i feel like he'd be great at coming up wit the design but it sucks because i like carlos realism better lol. the only thing that weird with carlos is it seems like he only posts like 1 piece a week on instagram. so it makes me wonder if he only posts his best work or if he actually only does like 1 piece
  11. yeah but i was thinking about it and it seems like he's more into like doing womans faces and animals, you think his creative style would be good for what I'm trying to do?
  12. you both sound awfully upset. probably because you have lazy tattoo artists that books 1 appointment a week so you gotta wait 2 years to have him. if you don't have links then why comment?
  13. yeah usa and i suppose but thats why i put up my ideas... so people could decide from that who could potentially be the best match for me. and 2-3 year waitlist sound like prima donnas. i talked to carlos torres assistant through email and he's only booked through 2016 but open for 2017 and he's got over 400k followers
  14. hey guys I’m in the process of removing my current tattoos now and this time I’m going to get a full sleeve on my right arm and chest. i want the piece to basically be a depiction of martial law and big pharma and banking cartels and conspiracies with drones, surveillance cameras and all that type of stuff and I’m looking for the best artist in the country, whatever state doesn’t matter and what they charge doesn’t matter. I’m want it to be black and grey realism. any suggestions or instagram links are appreciated. thanks
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    in the process of removing current tattoos, looking to cover the areas
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