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  1. Watched Chris Trevino's episode last night. It may be my new all time favorite!
  2. Not the best photos due to lighting and wrapping but to give you an idea!
  3. @suburbanxcore Haha so awesome!! Thanks man!! Ah, super cool. Glad you got to get tattooed! @Gingerninja Thank you! I am super stoked on the tattoos! Great minds to think alike and we were back to back from the same guys as well, haha! You defiantly got a lot of cool tattoos yourself!! Pagoda was defiantly a great convention and can't wait to be back next year! The drive was rough but so worth it! I had all my saniderm somehow fail and had to remove it and reapply 3 times since Saturday lol. So hopefully i'm on the road to healing these up now that i'm home 😁
  4. I ended up with a Baku and Oni riding the side of it's mouth from Dan, and a Mallet from Stewart Robson! What about you?
  5. Such a fun weekend! It was so nice to meet you guys and hangout! @Bearcat78 @Gingerninja
  6. I Just got tattooed by him this past Sunday! Such an awesome guy, and insanely fast!
  7. Jealous! How did you make that happen haha? I called 2 weeks ago and he did't have anything open! What are you getting?
  8. looks like i'll be standing there with you all day as well! Haha.
  9. Long time lurker of the forum, but i figured i'd better start posting haha. I'll be at Pagoda! It will be my first time there since moving to the east coast from the Bay Area 2 years ago! Hoping to get tattooed by Dansin, Tim Hendricks and also grab another piece from Shaun Topper! Wish i could have gotten in with grez, i have a few cool spots saved for him.
  10. Kinda off topic but has anyone had your tattoos heal alot lighter then most? My Artist always jokes with me saying that i have odd skin to tattoo and that i always heal lighter than most people.
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