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  1. I was raised at a Presbyterian boarding school way out in the sticks of Mississippi. I usually stay quiet about these topics but i wanted to chime in on a few things There is a really easy answer to any of these scriptures that have been posted and it's this- All of these quotes come from the Old Testament. Which makes them history of the bible and are not to be adhered as Christian law. If it were then these guys who use Old Testament law better not shave and have a goat ready for the alter every week amongst many other fun things. After Jesus came (New Testament) there is only one law
  2. I know all 3 of those guys.
  3. Hey, Saltillo is just north of Tupelo MS. I'm about 6 hours north of you
  4. Hello, David Wilson from Ironclad in Saltillo MS. New to the forum, tattooing since '99.
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