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  1. Your absolutely right, I need to draw more and stay the fuck off the internet. I did shit the bed on that piece, it's on a good friend of mine and not a paying client. Does that make it better? Not in the least bit. Here is the final product, still not all that good your right. I'm sorry I'm not a tattoo artist extraordinaire? I bit off more than I could chew, I guess you have never done that in your career.
  2. Title pretty much says it all, I do follow most of the big name guys in the game but I'm always looking for more inspiration. Mine is
  3. Hi all

    Nice, welcome =) Thats a pretty good tiger.
  4. Post shitty things you have been doing recently

    The back spring broke on one of my favorite machines ......... Shitty day for sure!
  5. Thigh tattoo questions

    @marley mission Yeah headphones lol I hate it when clients play crap music off their phones when I'm trying to work lol
  6. Thigh tattoo questions

    Don't drink the night before, get a good night of sleep, eat a hearty meal before you head to the shop & bring a fully charged phone, headphones and a book. You'll be fine ;) but yeah all tattoos hurt. Just some more so then others.
  7. Well hello! LST

    Some of my tools of the trade. =)
  8. Well hello! LST

    Hum.... last two Tattoos I did.
  9. Well hello! LST

    Well I guess I'll just post somethings here to get my forum cred up lol
  10. Well hello! LST

    Totally makes sense. =) Thanks again!
  11. Well hello! LST

    Thanks much! So do you know if you have to have a certain amount of posts before you can start a new topic?
  12. Well hello! LST

    I have been reading and lurking for about a year, figured I'd make a account. Tattooer in Idaho ..... its as glorious as it sounds lol
  13. Initiations / Vintage machine

    Not a clue but its a fine looking machine =)
  14. Need Advice On New TATTOO!!!

    I Dig it too ... Maybe look closer at portfolios to make sure your artist is the right fit for you?