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  1. Your absolutely right, I need to draw more and stay the fuck off the internet. I did shit the bed on that piece, it's on a good friend of mine and not a paying client. Does that make it better? Not in the least bit. Here is the final product, still not all that good your right. I'm sorry I'm not a tattoo artist extraordinaire? I bit off more than I could chew, I guess you have never done that in your career.
  2. Title pretty much says it all, I do follow most of the big name guys in the game but I'm always looking for more inspiration. Mine is https://www.instagram.com/irtattoos/
  3. irtattoos

    Hi all

    Nice, welcome =) Thats a pretty good tiger.
  4. The back spring broke on one of my favorite machines ......... Shitty day for sure!
  5. @marley mission Yeah headphones lol I hate it when clients play crap music off their phones when I'm trying to work lol
  6. Don't drink the night before, get a good night of sleep, eat a hearty meal before you head to the shop & bring a fully charged phone, headphones and a book. You'll be fine ;) but yeah all tattoos hurt. Just some more so then others.
  7. Some of my tools of the trade. =)
  8. Hum.... last two Tattoos I did.
  9. Well I guess I'll just post somethings here to get my forum cred up lol
  10. Totally makes sense. =) Thanks again!
  11. Thanks much! So do you know if you have to have a certain amount of posts before you can start a new topic?
  12. I have been reading and lurking for about a year, figured I'd make a account. Tattooer in Idaho ..... its as glorious as it sounds lol
  13. Not a clue but its a fine looking machine =)
  14. I Dig it too ... Maybe look closer at portfolios to make sure your artist is the right fit for you?
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