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  1. hahahaha well i'm still a bit doubting between sailor theme and the egyptian
  2. Nice research, I actually didn't know that Thanks!
  3. That tattoo is pretty good. I'm from Delfzijl, in Groningen and the part that I like.. well.. the sun and the family in particular. Where are you from by the way?
  4. Thanks for the tip! If i go with this design i'll certainly do that.
  5. ohh and I live in the netherlands so I probably have to find one myself
  6. oh wauw this one is amazing although it's a bit extreme for me and you're probably right with the 'flat and boring' thing.
  7. quality in what way? I mean what could be done better?
  8. Hey, I think the title says enough, so what is your opinion? I'm thinking about getting a tattoo like this with a few changes... I don't know what it is but I feel like there is something missing. So let me know, i'll be happy with some opinions :)
  9. hey, i was wondering now that muhammad ali has passed away, does anyone has a idea about a tribute tattoo that is not a portrait, quote or boxing glove? i have thought about a ali tattoo before he passed away but couldn't think further than cliches. thanks already!
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