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  1. She went to Rondo Tattoo in Lewistown here. I'm not sure about their social media presence as far as Facebook and Instagram. But I've spoken with a few people at work and my friend and they do decent work.
  2. I went to a local tattoo shop with a friend of mine. She's offering to pay for me to get my first tattoo while she's getting hers. The shop seems to be nice and clean and the artists seem to be pretty nice. Should I take the plunge and get one spur of the moment? Or wait until I investigate other shops?
  3. I went into Moonlight Tattoo in my town kinda to investigate the shop and talk to the artist about my ideas. We discussed things and I showed him my preliminary design. He liked it and thought he could maybe add and tweak some things from the designn. I go back to him in a week or so to see the final design and talk price. But from looking at it...he's thinking like 250 dollars plus. I don't know if that is too high or not. Sounds it to me.
  4. I might just go and check it out. I have an idea of what I want to get for my first tattoo...but nothing concrete yet. If I can get off work one of those days, I'll definitely swing by. Reading is only like a two hour drive for me. Who knows...maybe I'll walk away from there with my first tattoo ?.
  5. I've thought about getting that tattoo on my calf. I am considering some additions to the tattoo as well. I'm thinking maybe deer antlers on top and maybe a fish at the bottom since he liked fishing as well. What do you guys think? Do you have other ideas?
  6. My grandfather entered the military right around the end of the conflict with Korea. He never seen any action there or anything like that but heard he could have gone to officers school. I think he was in the army. He was stationed in Germany during the Korean conflict and I guess for a while after. He met my grandmother while he was stationed there. The M1 Garand was his favorite gun along with his muzzleloaders. I know he owned a few but I forget what calibers he had. But that's why I chose that weapon.
  7. Thank you for a listing of artists in the area. I'm thinking about maybe going small for my first tattoo because it don't know about the pain or anything like that. I have a couple of other tattoos in mind...but I'm not sure if they would make great first tattoo material. Like someday I'd like to get sleeves. But I'm undecided if I want something with a Japanese Flair to it since I love Japanese culture or if I want koi in a pond. My other idea is a piece to memorialize my grandfather. I want it to say something like In Memory of... his name then below his birthday and the day he died. In the
  8. I've spoken with my friends that are tattooed and they tell me that each of the shops are good...but they don't really specialize in one kind of tattoo.
  9. I know there are three shops just in my town. Moonlite Tattoo, Rondo Tattoo and All In Ink Tattoo. I know Moonlite comes as the most recommended and is the oldest.
  10. Hi, I'm Ron. I've always loved looking at tattoos on others. I don't have any yet but would like to get one some day.
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