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  1. @CultExciter, that el-p/killer mike might be the heaviest thing on your list! Heard a couple tracks on it. That last killer mike that el-p produced sounded real good too.

    Here's stuff that got played this year:

    Uncle acid and the deadbeats-bloodlust


    The smiths-singles collection

    Diiv-Oshin (shoegazing type stuff)

    Esoteric-Paragon of dissonance

    Immortal-Sons of northern darkness

    Magnetic fields-The charm of the highway strip

    Hot Water Music-entire catalog of releases

    M83-Hurry up, we're dreaming

    Darkthrone-Black flags and dark thrones

    Mark Lanegan-first 5 albums

    Dark Sanctuary-L'être las - L'envers du miroir (neo-classical)

    Also, I've been watching lots of leroy troy playing old timey banjo tunes on youtube.

  2. @JAllen Are you directing me to get off my computer and go into the shops to look at a 2 dimensional book? Or to talk to some artists? If I found an artist who seemed close I'd be down there for sure. For some reason though, I do feel self conscious to go into a shop and basically use other artists' work and style as a reference. That's the main reason I would at least like to start with someone who's in the ballpark of what I want.

    Yes, that's what I'm saying. I know it might sound crazy, but not everyone has a website/instagram/facebook, etc. Go out, stop in a shop, talk to people. Maybe you see them doing a tattoo, maybe you talk and interact with people. Who knows what you might find out there...maybe you won't find what you're looking for but you also might find something you didn't know you wanted.

    You don't have to take reference or make any commitments, I'm just saying don't be afraid to explore what's around you.

  3. How many local shops have you actually gone into, to check them out? If you are only looking online, yes you would be going about it the wrong way. There's more to things than this 2 dimensional world.

    Maybe you have been going out and surveying the local territory, but I sometimes feel like this virtual reality is trying to remove the adventure of getting tattooed and turning it into just acquiring a "thing". The limitations are obscured by the vastness of information.

  4. Yeah... I suppose there is some attraction to jumping into completely unknown and unreliable circumstances, just to see what happens, just to see if something good might come of it.

    The only real difference is that you know that there's no return trip. Nothing in life is a given, its something that most folks take for granted. Our daily routine and ritual becomes a comfort that obscures our ability to see it sometimes.

    I don't know that I'd want to do it based on just reading an article. But also, I wouldn't make my decision based on fear or concern of dying. Fear frequently needs to be confronted and death is a fact that each of us is all racing towards everyday.

  5. Actually never listened to them. Im gunna check em out now. Thanks for the heads up!

    You won't be disappointed. Their first album, if emotion still burns sounds just like what you're looking for. The second album, the plague is real good too but its a little more thrashy with less atmosphere like at the gates.

  6. @Graeme, I've got a lord vicar track on a comp and it was all it took to make me want to get all their albums. that new noctum sound good as well.

    i'm kinda blown away by the amount of really good albums that came out in the last few weeks.

    in just one day toxic holocaust, warbringer, skeletonwitch, and entombed all put out albums.


    and completely switching gears

  7. You're certainly free not to take her seriously, but I'm still interested in the question of whether or not this is copying. Anyway, I think the notion of someone else doing her style of tattooing is, at least, stupid, since I imagine part of the appeal for people who have her tattoos is the name/fame...

    Well considering that she didn't invent color blobs, I don't see how its copying her style if someone does it. I have no clue who this person is and I imagine that whatever fame is created is based in some type of internet parallel reality.

    I was prepared to write some profound thoughts regarding ones personal style and influences and the relationship to the ego but I think that its not important what I think. People are more worried about their opinions and seeking clarification or validation in their views.

    Its been said, their is nothing new. If someone appears to be breaking new ground it is part of a seemless formula of blending their influences and how they build on their inspirations.

    The only thing that makes someone truly special isn't contained in their renderings but in their willingness to continue to improve their abilities and their interactions with others on this plane of existence.

    The tattoo experience isn't about just some unique design applied to make you feel special. It was being part of something bigger than yourself and the person giving you this experience having the ability to do more than apply a nice tattoo. My favorite tattoo experiences have been the conversations and the stories exchanged as well as the persons ability to entertain, educate, and share that experience. Those other elements aren't something that show up in pictures on the intervebs. You can't craft personality the same way as your drawing abilities and application of tattoos. The tattoos I have from these folks are a permanent reminder of that interaction and the impact that moment in time had on my life.

    But now I babbling and rambling. And I said I wasn't going to say a bunch of stuff...so yeah. Haha. Carry on!

  8. You should really listen to Vinterland - Welcome to My Last Chapter (if you haven't already). Right up there as top black metal albums ever produced, and very Dissection-like.


    I swear I posted a reply to this but don't see it showing up. Mustve messed up!

    I like what I heard, I'll have to see if I run across that album in the used racks. I've like most of what no fashion records puts out, so no suprise that's who put this out. I've also always found the way swedes approach just about every genre to be pretty compelling.

  9. Thanks for that. I went into this kind of like a moron figuring that I'd work it out as I went along. There's a lot to be said about that approach, I think, but it's also really humbling to realise that as difficult as oils are, they're in a lot of ways even harder than I thought. All of this is to say, thank you for the advice, I appreciate it.

    My pleasure man, sending pm.

  10. With oils, remember that a thin paint will stick to freashly painted thick paint. Also, don't try so much to "erase" as to just layer the paint to make adjustments and refinement to perspective and such. Use a dark base color to rework the area and then bring your highlights over it. If you've ever seen oil paints at a museum where you can get close enough to really see the texture, its pretty incredible. Layers of paint coming out from the canvas.

    Just a thought.

  11. Since I've been slacking on this thread here are two f-ing amazing bands, that I'm not sure get listened to enough. Oh yea and also Dissection, because they are awesome too.

    People need to know this album!

    Several winters, I'd walk a couple miles to work in the snow and storm at the lights bane was one of the albums I'd listen to while making this walk. I'd listen to somberlain as well but as much as I like it, the production and atmosphere on storm was incredible. Whole different experience with headphones on in the snow too.

  12. I dont mind scratchers , honestly , as long as its not you they are scratching then who cares ? they keep the waiting lists down ...

    The biggest side effect from it I think is that it gives people the impression that tattooing is just a hobby. Ordering kits for other professions wouldn't pass for most folks, I mean you can't order dental kits from the sears and robuck catalog anymore. "Yeah, come over to my house. I'll do that root canal for free man!"

    "Don't worry, I sprayed everything with alcohol"