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  1. I'm from Bristol and recently got this from mina aoki, cool to see you can still become a member. Picture quality isn't brilliant but will get a better one when healed
  2. Got this form chad koeplinger last monday
  3. I got my my first tattoo at 18 on my forearm so had to cover up at my last job, now i have a few more on my forearms aswell as other places not on show. In my current job tattoos aren't an issue but i am planning on going to university next year to study to become a mental health nurse and its stressing me out knowing if i will be accepted onto the course, anyone currently working in the nhs with any advice?
  4. Got this today by Luke Jinks at infinite ink, coventry uk
  5. chris775

    Wolf & Woman

    by bradley tompkins
  6. chris775


    by luke jinks
  7. chris775


    by sam ricketts
  8. thanks i also tried googling LJ too, hes not too far from me in the UK so will definitely have a look at his work
  9. chris775


    Sorry it was a bit late but here is a few of mine, I don't have a camera at the moment but when i do i will get photos of some of the others. The wolf and woman is by Brad Tompkins at Swansea tattoo co. And the Dagger is by Sam Ricketts at Wood Street Tattoo, Swindon
  10. chris775


    Thanks, i will upload some of my tattoos tonight
  11. chris775


    Hi I'm Chris, 20 and from Gloucester, UK. Been visiting the site for a while now and decided to join. Cheers
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