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  1. This is so true. Couldn't agree more. I managed to calm down over the past couple of days and mother and I are talking normally now. I understand she's under much stress, having some health issues now and I do my best to support her. Looking back at our conversation over the new tattoo, I told her several times that I do understand and respect her opinion and we could have just closed the conversation there, but she kept repeating that she will die soon and that perhaps I can wait with further tattoos for when she's dead. This, for me, was a very low blow and I can't forget for now.
  2. @marley mission Yep. I think she knows I will do what I want with my body and I won't be asking for her approval. As a mom, I love my kid unconditionally and I respect her, even though she's a toddler now. And yes, while I consider myself quite open-minded, there are body modifications that I don't like and that I'd personally consider "too much" (horn implants, split tongue, doesn't really matter), but if my baby girl came home with a split tongue, the only thing I could ever tell her is that I don't like it but I will always be respectful if she is happy about whatever she does. I just was s
  3. So I got another tattoo the other day. Seventh one, all of my tattoos can be covered for work and are beautiful and tasteful in my eyes. I love all of them. Mother saw the photo on facebook and wrote a couple of message to me, saying that she is in shock, trembling and doesn't want to live anymore, since I am mutilating the body she gave me and I must be psychically damaged if I do so. Also, she mentioned she would rather die before seeing yet another tattoo on me. I tried to explain my view on body art, that I actually quite like my body and love to get it decorated, but she wouldn't hear of
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