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  1. "Conan Fights a Wizard" "Oates" "Really Hot Taco" "Mark Twain Fights a Mummy" "Superheroes at the Pool" "Old Viking Fights an Octopus" "Think About This In Your Mind" "Eating Food" "Sweet Relief"
  2. Got my first two from Stano at Tattoo Zone in the Daytona area circa 86/87, though he's been in business since 1980. One was covered a couple years ago, but it had held lines and colors like the month it was put on, for real. (The other looks sharp to this day too, but is flat black.) Have to admit, I kind of get a kick out of wearing tattoos older than the "kids" I regularly patronize today! - - - Updated - - - Judge Dredd tattoo on shoulder, now covered Marilyn flash on chest Both by Stano
  3. Love the tiger and black cat. Got this little dealie a few days ago from Tim Strating at Anthem in Gainesville: It's giant flying monster turtle Gamera in the style of artist Tim Biskup. Can I just say that healing in the ditch sucks? Healing in the ditch sucks.
  4. Tim Strating @ Anthem in Gainesville FL made this cool little seasonal dude on the inside of my upper right arm Friday.
  5. Cover up on my left forearm by Tim Strating at Anthem Tattoo in Gainesville. As always, I couldn't be more pleased.
  6. Got this last night at Anthem in Gainesville FL, from the Last Sparrow board's own Tim Strating. Pic doesn't do the colors justice. Could not be happier.
  7. My first tattoo was put on by Stano in Daytona. I was 17 and drove down with a couple of scary older skinhead dudes who barely tolerated me. Got the comic character Judge Dredd on my shoulder, because this sort of thing happens when a dyed-in-the-wool nerd tries to be a tough guy - "I know, I'll get a tattoo of the biggest badass in my *pushes up glasses* comic book collection!" Anyway, like 10 years later that goddamn Stallone movie came out and I walked around groaning every time anybody saw the damn tattoo until a couple years back, when I buried it under this:
  8. All the tattoo shows are semi-guilty pleasures for me and my ol' lady, so we gave Tattoo School a try. As someone who's watched a lot of beloved cultural and sub-cultural traditions and artifacts get exploited, adulterated, trend-ified and generally idiot-ized throughout the past 30+ years, I'm fairly well outrage-proof at this point. And as a 43-year-old who's been hanging around tattoo shops since 17, I've seen and heard too much carny, sleazy shit to pretend modern tattooing is wholly some sacred artisanal treasure getting violated here... This irresponsible pile of shit TV show, however, l
  9. I'm using imagination to make Tim and Andy make out in my head right now. French kissing. And there's nothing anyone can do to stop me.
  10. New piece from Tim S. @ Anthem in Gainesville, FL.
  11. Devo by Sleepy Dave @ Anthem in Gainesville, FL Misfits "Die Die My Darling" tattoo by some guy named Carl, 1987-ish. At least four years too late to be getting a Misfits tattoo, yet somehow a tattoo that is older than the majority of the band's fans, go figure.
  12. My latest lowdown, tattooed today by Tim at Anthem in Gainesville: ("death before decaf")
  13. You say this: "Thanks" and how it was sweet of her to like one of her pictures enough to get it tattooed on her
  14. Aw shit, the other pic I posted didn't show up - must be link-proof. Anyway, it was an Oompa-Loompa from Willy Wonka, provided for comparison purposes. The photo that did show up is a tattoo from Best Ink ep. 2 that Frisch's Big Boy et al thought was... *shudder* good.
  15. Got this on a whim last Friday the 13th. Tim @ Anthem Tattoo in Gainesville FL drew a sheet of 13 flash and numbered 'em, 1 to 12 or whatever. You come in, pay $13, pick a number out of the hat, and there's your tattoo - unless you don't like it. Then you pay another $13 and pick again. He tattooed each design once. (I was first in line, zipping over on my lunch break from work, and picked my favorite on the first go.) If he does it next week I may show up again.
  16. Many many years ago a wise old motorcycle enthusiast of my acquaintance told me, "I like good-looking tattoos as much as anyone else, but I just don't feel like you're getting the whole tattoo experience unless you have some shit like your old lady's initials that looks like it was drawn on with a green crayon and the third letter is only half done."
  17. I mention in the back piece thread the outline was put on 20 or so years ago by a different tattooer than the one who finished it. That was about six hours. Four or five years ago the outline was totally redone - probably about seven hours there. A week later saw the first layer of green, probably about six hours. I had two or three four-five hour sessions over the next few years, then two 5-6 hour sessions in the last few weeks to do all the water and lightning and shit and just generally finish it. So, uhhh... That's, um... Let's see... Seven plus six... Carry the four... Eleventy-two minus
  18. Ha ha, I don't mean to be mysterious - I just don't want to dog the guy in public, because I consider him a friend and am happy he's progressed. At the same time, it's worth mentioning Dave @ Anthem didn't tattoo the original outline - placement et al might have been a little different if he had (or maybe not - who knows). Regardless, I'm extremely happy with the final piece. Also, can I say there's nothing quite like a patch of psoriasis the approximate size and shape of a silver dollar to offset and highlight something like this? Everyone should consider getting themselves a few nifty patch
  19. Here's a preview while the post in the "back piece" thread awaits moderator approval.
  20. Hi everyone. I enjoy lurking this forum and wanted to show off my finished back tattoo, completed courtesy Dave Kotinsley at Anthem Tattoo. The original outline was put on about 20 years ago by... uhhh... let's just say it was someone who stuck with it and evolved into an excellent legitimate tattooer and leave it at that. Anyway, I walked around with a scarred-up, blown-out scribble on my back for about 16 years before convincing Dave to redo everything and finish it up. Last sitting was last week. I couldn't be happier - when I was a kid I saw a pic of Rollo's famous Godzilla tattoo on Princ
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