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  1. 2nd year in a row that I honestly think the best piece of the day wasn't even allowed to compete. Kelly's American Traditional chest was amazing. I guess they spent the time that they normally would give the third finalist to Dave hanging from hooks and trying to find a way to make that mics sound less like a hot mess in the new finale studio... Bonus points for Oliver taking a huge dump on the (yes, admittedly controversial) watercolor style and every artist who works in it with those "This is how real tattooers do watercolor.." rant.
  2. With Oliver, I imagine it's a little different. Running two successful shops in the Southwest, years on Kat Von D's shows, and then judging every season of Ink Master, I imagine he's pretty burned out on it in general. I know at his True Tattoo they have varied input on the show itself. (I've never seen him in the shop, just have a few from his staff.) In this case, Kruseman brought the show up first, saying he was always excited when he got new clients who had seen the show. I mentioned that Duffy had the classiest episode of Redemption to date and he lit right up. He got so animated t
  3. I got tattooed by Dave Kruseman yesterday, had some time to ask a bunch of questions about the show. I thought everyone might get a kick out of some of what I did think to ask. Just woke up because the new design (posted over in new tattoo lowdown) was throbbing under the tegrederm. May not be caffeinated enough to remember all the details, but here's what I remember pre-caffeine! First off, Dave is a super nice guy, every bit the guy from the show. He said outright that his wife told him he had to go on and not be an asshole, which helped him stay level on the show. The producers ar
  4. Had this done yesterday at 454 tattoo in Encinitas by Dave Kruseman. There's a little warble in the line at the top, that was 100% on my twitchy leg, not Dave. I'm super stoked about this tattoo though. Probably my last of 2016 and my last American Traditional for awhile. Hope ya'll like it! If anyone is curious, Dave is a super nice guy, and happy to talk about winning the show/shooting the show, but also about just about anything else. Everyone at 454 was super friendly and helpful. Great little shop.
  5. Yea, they were pretty rough. But I assumed that was easily as much "Way to big of a tattoo for the time, in nearly every case." That's true. It is nice the direct "vs" stuff is gone. I just think it's going to get way worse with the inter-team stuff because there's a buy week from time to time.
  6. I'm torn about Ink Master right now. This season is a marked step in the continued push towards "good reality TV" as opposed to a "good tv show about skilled tattooers." It's been on the decline this way for years, but this time it seems the worst. Which is weird, because this may be the most skilled field they've ever had on the show. I legitimately don't see much in terms of Sub Par work. Even last night's elimination, which was a rough tattoo, was made by who I think is a pretty talented artist in their own right. The drama is super amped up by the new flash/elimination format,
  7. I guess these aren't technically my newest, but they are only a few months old. (Friday 5/13) they were new to me in several ways, and I love them. I also wasn't' sure where else to post them!) I wasn't really that big of a Traditional American fan until I saw Dave Kruzeman's winning back piece from Ink Master. Side note: I'll be seeing Dave for a piece on my knee in a little over a month. I'm super pumped. It pretty much blew me away, made me dig deeper into tattoo culture and to do a ton of reading and researching on Norman Collins and his apprentices. That lead me to the Friday the
  8. I've got 6 on my arms, one fairly large scratcher done mess of a mistake from my youth. I'll put it on the bad side later. I've got one big leg piece, and both of my feet done. The final pass of shading and highlights on my 3 hour calf were pretty intense, but I'd say the 48-72 hours after having both feet done at the same time with a very thick black traditional tattoo was one of the most painful experiences of a very colorful life. Pretty much every step that I didn't aim for the balls of my feet to avoid stretching was like a light to mild burn, and if I had to put all my weight eve
  9. Hoople

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks! So far so good! I posted one over in latest tattoo lowdown,I'm going to wait until it heals before I spam the joint up too much though. New and all. ?
  10. Hey all, yea, I went back and edited to bring it in line with standards. And yup, it looks like this forum architecture does edit quotes to match the quoted area of text. I was wondering that myself when I did my editing last night. Thanks for linking that! I do want to join that discussion as well, because I did notice some differences and was wondering if anyone else had!
  11. No worries! Forum rules, and I'm still just getting back into tattoo culture after a 15 year hiatus. I appreciate you being straightforward and cool about the rules, and taking the time to explain why they're there to a noob like me.
  12. Thanks! I totally missed that rule in my skim. I edited it down quite a bit, and I hope that falls more in line. In this case, I was literally just sharing info available on his public Instagram in the last 5-7 days, but I totally get it. People can get that info themselves. Can I ask, and I'm totally not trying to be a smart ass here, is this post ok now? In terms of generic rotary machine, and Saniderm sheet?
  13. Got this yesterday! A lot of firsts for me here. First real post on this forum(barring the introduction thread), first real large scale custom piece for me. It was also my first time under a rotary, and first time trying a new healing method. The machine felt quite a bit different than what i was used to, but this was my first leg tattoo, so that could simply have been the tighter skin on my legs. In general, more of a light pressure, then a pinpoint stab. James Mullins of Lotus Tattoo, Hemet CA, was very patient with my 3 or so hours embarrassingly twitchy leg, and constant ne
  14. Hey everyone! Just found this forum looking about healing processes, got my first big fancy fully custom work yesterday, and am using Saniderm. Some googling led me here and this already seems like the kind of community I've been looking for! I got a few bad tattoos 15+ years ago, along with a good one. I'd all but given up until recently, where I've had some good and bad experiences. The #getgoodtattoos hashtag is certainly meaningful to me at this point. I can get wordy, so I'll spare everyone that for now, save to say Hi!
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