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  1. I don't have an elbow tattoo, so I may be the last person who should be answering this, but I agree with Sarah that the skin seems very different on the elbow. I know that the skin on my elbow can be dry and scaly almost like an elephant hide (gross, sorry). Maybe it has something to do with texture? And also the amount of bending and flexing that goes on. An expert (who actually has an elbow tattoo) could give you a better answer. As for the ankle tattoos, I've had an ankle tattoo for close to 17 years now (first a small, solid black one, then a much larger cover up) and neither have been affected by socks. Don't know if this helps. Maybe someone else has a different experience.
  2. I have a 3-week old upper back/shoulder blade tattoo also and I think you've managed the worst of it by getting through the healing process without having the bra strap interfering. My new tattoo covers up a small 20-year old dove tattoo that was directly under my bra strap. I had no problems with "wear" from the bra strap on that tattoo (my problem was not taking proper precautions in the sun, the fact that the tattoo didn't have proper black outlining, and that it was too small, so it eventually blurred out). I don't think you need to worry about your bra strap. Congrats on the new tattoo :).
  3. Thanks :) Glad to hear you have no problems with it. I'd love to use it. I think E45 is only 1% lanolin so maybe it doesn't matter (?). Anyway, thanks for your response. :)
  4. Just to add to this, I've had good luck on my back tattoo with shirts made for hiking -- lightweight, breathable, soft material. Don't wear anything that has fluffy bits on the inside that could get inside the open wound for the first few days. Also, always dry your tattoo with paper towels. Same concept. Regular towels can have fluff that can get into your tattoo (also they can harbor all sorts of nasties even when they're "clean"). Good luck, Devious! Have a great time Saturday! :)
  5. Hi. I'm American but used to live in the UK (Buxton, Derbyshire). Fell in love with E45 when I lived there and it's been my go-to moisturizer ever since. I was wondering if it would be a good maintenance moisturizer over the long term for my tattoos. I ask because it has lanolin in it, and I've read in a few places online that lanolin fades tattoos. Any thoughts or opinions on E45? Thanks :)
  6. I'd agree to all of this. Make sure the aquaphor is definitely VERY light, you want the tattoo to breathe. I don't know where your placement is, but I also like to give my tattoo lots of air time. Once the (light) aquaphor is on, I let the tattoo breathe whenever I can. Not sure if this actually does anything, but I'm a pretty fast healer, so maybe it helps (?). Also I'd say whatever snack you bring, make sure it has some sugar in it -- depending on how long you're sitting, you'll want to keep your sugar levels up so you don't crash out. Keep those glucose levels up! Dress comfortably, and enjoy the ride :). Good luck and congrats!
  7. My first tattoo was flash right off the wall and done kind of spur of the moment (I was 19). I loved it for about ten years and then decided to cover it up. I did a lot of research in the area where I was living at the time (this was now the mid-1990s, so the internet wasn't really a "thing" yet). I just did legwork. Checked out shops, portfolios, talked to artists. Found someone I was comfortable with whose work I admired. He did I great job. I've done the same kind of research for my most recent two tattoos, but the legwork started online and ended with meeting the artist in person, talking design, etc. I'm very happy with him, and very lucky that he works not too far from me. But I'm also kind of heading into a new phase here on LST and getting an even better education about what makes a "good" tattoo. I'm reading a lot, checking out the artist interviews, absorbing things. It's been a real education and I plan to stick around so I can become even more informed. Best way to find out what makes a good tattoo? Spend time with people who HAVE good tattoos!
  8. Very new here and I have to say I find the honesty refreshing. There's too much BS in the world as it is. I'm here for quality advice and insight, not hand-holding. I've been cruising the initiation threads the last few days (got to page 71...geez) and I've seen a few threads where people just seem to be fishing for some kind of therapeutic approval. I'm all for supporting each other, but I'm glad to see this isn't a place for coddling the attention-grabbers. I like the honesty of LST. Keep it real. Just my two cents.
  9. Agreed. I have three tattoos, so I'm by no means the expert that some people are on this board, but I have found that bringing in a few different reference pieces and then letting the artist create something all their own is really the way to go. You need to trust them. And no good tattooer is going to copy someone else's work exactly anyway (at least that's my experience -- good artists respect each others' work and don't want to rip each other off). Find a good artist, trust them, put in your two cents, and you'll end up with a piece that's uniquely yours. Good luck :).
  10. Kate1939

    Hi :)

    Thanks oboogie! I've enjoyed your posts!
  11. I have two holes in each lobe and one helix piercing. Had my nose done a few years ago and loved it but to be honest it got caught on one too many shirts/towels/washcloths and I just had enough of it and took it out. Hole healed up just fine. I've had three tattoos and the helix healing was worse than any of them by far. The pain and tenderness went on forever. No infection or anything, just pain. I'd love to get another one, but I don't think I want to deal with the annoyance for months again. Impressed with you folks who have industrials and septums done. I think I'd pass out.
  12. Kate1939

    Hi :)

    Thanks :). I love hawks. There's a pair that cruises around the meadow near my house from time to time. Always nice to see them. I really enjoyed your post about your experience on 9/11, by the way. Read that today. Very special perspective. Thank you for your service.
  13. Kate1939

    Hi :)

    Thanks, Devious6, I've enjoyed reading your posts . And thanks for the welcome, sighthound. Below is my new hawk (pic taken right after it was done; three weeks healed now). It's a tribute to my Dad who died in 1990 and loved red-tailed hawks. Kind of nice to have him "with" me permanently.
  14. I had my inner wrist done (about 3" x 3" dragonfly with script above) and it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Ankle was much worse. Good luck.
  15. Kate1939

    Hi :)

    Hi everyone, Just signed up after lurking a while. I have three tattoos (ankle, wrist, and upper back). Have enjoyed reading your stories and expertise. Looking forward to learning and hanging out more .
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