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    Jac i love your tattoos i saw your tiger on here and its amazing 
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    And thus the photos have been posted, it has now officially happened. My butt has been tattooed.  I didn't like it and I don't like the healing either.  I also was super bummed that I didn't get to go to the San Francisco Asian Art Museum
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    LucasGabrieletiger24 reacted to JAC1961 in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    My tattoo addition from yesterday at the Veterans benefit at Broad Wing Tattoo in Bowling Green, OH.  Great participating in such a meaningful event.  They posted today on IG that they raised about $7300 for Vietnam Veterans of America.
    3 more nails in the coffin.

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    Lil' Keith drawing of an angel in honor of KeithHaring by my pal Erik at Odyssey Tattoo. Love him. He's a bit bloody, but he'll look the business when he's healed. He's quite small. Another of my many tiny Keith Haring fillers. 🙂

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    I started my 3/4 Kirin recently. 

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    Had the tiger finished up on Friday night, 3 hours worth.

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    well, squid pants getting the layers...finished my Five Deadly Venoms themed thigh tattoo collage ! 
    My homie Rich Harding (Champion Tattoo Edmonton, AB) whipped in some some smoke-grey shading behind the 2nd layer black widow spider and centipede he did last month.. The spider webbing is layered on top of my 9 year old p-knee tattoos. really tied everything together and am very happy with the results. it is healing great.

    ...and then I had the very exciting, rare and unique opportunity to tattoo myself for the first time. I did the top square inch of red background behind the 5 year old yin-yang auspicious spider. Rich said, you've got all these tattoos budd, you need to fill in at least a small part of your bodysuit on your own.

    Quitting my day job...SORRY BOOKS CLOSED UNTIL 2022 haha
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    If you are attending, tattooing and/or know of a good tattoo convention please post a thread under the LST Get Togethers & Tattoo Conventions so other tattooers and tattoo collectors know. Also please post under the Calendar.
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    Tommy's Tattoo convention in Hartford CT should be fun. I'll be there working
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    LucasGabrieletiger24 reacted to Abellve in Hand Tattoos   
    I swear I won't post every hand tattoo I do but here's a recent favorite of mine. This kid was born to be tattooed. I could tattoo him all day...and Ihave.
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    forgive my crappy phone pic (and the swelling!) just got this from stuart cripwell :)

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    some cool ones on mr. hooper's blog lately
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    wish i lived closer to the netherlands
    King Of Kings Tattoo
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    The dagger on the thumb is by my coworker Guy Ursitti, it's on our shop hand Antonio, who rules.
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    Im suprised by that mine was a killer!

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    Haha yeah me too, just couldn't upload right then from my phone:
    Courtesy of Hunter Spanks

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    I got my right done yesterday, I was very surprised at the low level of pain
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    LucasGabrieletiger24 reacted to No name in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    I got this Baphomet head from Tim Lehi last month. Why? Easily my favorite tattooist, and I think he understands what I am going for. He has tattooed me a few times and always gives me suitable tattoos for me, like he knows me, ha.

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    got this from Ben Grillo last month...

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    While I was at Frith Street my beautiful squeeze had her second session. A really stunning Day of the Dead Girl, tattooed by Stewart Robson.

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    LucasGabrieletiger24 reacted to sbhikes in Why are bad tattoos so popular?   
    I am curious why bad tattoos are so popular. I mean, I can understand that someone who knows nothing about tattoos goes to a bad artist and gets a badly done tattoo. I did that myself. What I don't understand are why tattoos lacking any creativity or art are so popular.
    For instance, why do people want to put typewriter text on themselves? Why do they want so much text but no images? Why do they want flowery, descriptive text but not an image of what that text is describing? This makes absolutely no sense to me. I've been as dumb as anybody regarding tattoos but one thing I've never had pop into my mind is to want words describing beautiful things rather than the beautiful things themselves.
    Another one are the fads like the inifinity symbols, the text on the wrist and the exploding birds thing. Back in the 90s when I first got a tattoo the fads (the fairies, the curly tribal stuff on the lower back) at least were flattering. The current fads are so ugly. I saw a girl with the exploding birds and it looked like someone had attacked her with a marking pen. The small crap on the wrist thing looks like you're trying to sneak crib notes in to the test. The straight lines of text tattoos are so unflattering to men and women alike. I just don't understand.
    Am I just an old fuddy-duddy complaining about the youth of today? Has there actually been a real change in the culture to prefer ugliness over color, shape, texture and art? Any ideas?
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    Went to Seven Doors Tattoo in London yesterday for a drawing session. Had to bring the little one (their suggestion, as we had trouble finding a good date)... So I haven't actually got a new tattoo yet, but my son got two! A butterfly and a crazy design from Deno. Both put on by Yutaro who was really sweet to him. He's very proud now and thinks they are super cool :-)

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    My 3 year old niece wants to grow up to be a badass. Tattoos by Pixar, I believe.

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    LucasGabrieletiger24 reacted to graybones in Hand Tattoos   
    I love a good back piece or a solid sleeve, but my obsession is hand tattoos. Here are a few of my favorites from the collection I have saved on my computer.
    Tim Hendricks

    Seth Wood

    Ron Wells

    Ashley Love

    Annie Frenzel

    Peter Lagergren

    Peter Lagergren again

    I'd love to see some other favorites, or hand tattoos that LST members have!