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  1. Yeah, I spoke with the guy who did the tiger, and he's happy to add some background work to it, plus fix it up at the same time. Give it about three weeks, and it'll have more added to it :)
  2. Do you mean as in the shape of the scroll? Nah it wasn't the same person who did, same shop though
  3. This is the scroll with my arm straight Thanks for the info guys And that was straight after he'd finished
  4. Pitts tattoo here in Malaysia, where I'm currently staying for a few months. Should look good when it fully heals up (Only one day old)
  5. Gday all, In total I've got three tattoos, two of them are brand new this week, and one I've had previously. The tattoo I got on my inner bicep has bruised, and is slightly tender in comparison to the one I got the day before. One of the guys at work swears that it's infected, but I swear that it's not! I do plan on getting the rest of this armed filled in. Love this tattoo!! It has a slight blowout, but it doesn't bother me. Does it look infected? to me it's just bruising. This tattoo I'll be getting fixed up so that the blue shading is all
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