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    Thats my fear of doing laser, is that the price would be pretty high. I want to get it fixed, but I don't want to drop a lot into it. I'm new to the whole tattoo scene, does anyone have any guests on what it would cost to laser those two little spots?
  2. cubsfan


    I think I might look into cost of laser and if that is an option first. Otherwise I do like the lines underneath the letters, and a little could be added maybe to the letters to make them look better.
  3. cubsfan


    Thanks for the feedback so far. This mistake has been driving me crazy because its my first tattoo and I didn't want a stupid mistake like that, it's embarrassing. I've been thinking of ways to rework the lettering to make it look right, but I can't think of much. The tattoo artist that did it said they look like the right letters if you look at them at different angles, but its still obvious they are an E and W on the wrong sides
  4. cubsfan


    I'd rather not leave it. If I can do something to it, I would rather do that. Otherwise its going to drive me crazy for the rest of my life
  5. cubsfan


    So this is a tattoo I recently got, the artist drew it up and I was paying more attention to the design and the spelling of the words underneath. It wasn't until after I took the bandage off that night that I noticed the west and east are on the wrong sides... I have been brainstorming on ideas to cover them up, I've been told to maybe laser them off, but I'm not sure. I'm open to any suggestions or advice
  6. cubsfan


    Hi there, I am new and decided to join this forum to get tattoo advice on one I just got, and also for future tattoos! I look forward to contributing to this site!
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