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  1. I am confused. Should I still use soap in the flaking and peeling portion? Should I use lotions? I havent done anything to my tattoo for around a day now, zis this good or bad?
  2. I just went off lotions and stuff and I am letting it shed off. Man, I thought it was itchy before but this is really taking the cake!
  3. How do you even sign up for an appointment? I always womdered how to that, what sort of images to bring and how to bring them, what the down payment is and stuff like that. I just did a walk in but I,want to learn a little bit better about the whole appointment process. Should I bring in money for a down payment?
  4. I got my first tattoo a week ago and it is a sea serpent/dragon. I just saw it in a flash book of Sailor Jerry stuff and got it. I didnt think of any meaning at first other than it looked neat to me but as I was getting it, it reminded me of my unit's logo design, the beret flash when I was in the Army. Its also a little ironic because while my brother was in the Navy for the time I was in the army yet I am the one with a SAILOR Jerry tattoo, go figure!
  5. Thank you once again, Dan. it has gotten very itchy and will hopefully start the peel this evening.
  6. Thank you for that information. It did seem like an Old Wive's Tale but it is nice to know for sure.
  7. I just did tagaderm from walgreens for two days. It didnt quite fit on one of them so I doubled up and it was a bother. I had the Aquafor unscented for babies stuff and just a generic sanitizer I used on it once after the padding from the tattoo shop was off. If a watched pot never boils, does a watched tattoo never scab? Food for thought, maybe. edit: not sure how relevant, but it was done with a rotary tattoo and some say that it does less scabbing than mechanical coiled machines or so I read today.
  8. I got my first tattoo on Thursday on my right arm. I have disinfected it and am now using Aquafor 2 or 3 times a day. I am not noticing any peeling, itchiness, scabbing, etc. Am I doing this wrong? I am getting a little worried.
  9. http://sailorjerry.com/assets/Uploads/_resampled/SetWidth1200-Dragons.jpg It is that one.
  10. It just got cleaned off and covered with Tagaderm. Hopefully it heals well and then I may put a picture up. Its a decently sized piece.
  11. I got a Sailor Jerry dragon tattoo today on my right arm and it feels fine. I was thinking about getting one for a while but I just got it on a whim today after lunch! It was fun and I will have to get something for my left arm to balance out, wouldn't want the dragon to get lonely.
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