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  1. Love the pointilism / dotwork look - thinking of getting this lotus above the elbow - opinions?
  2. I know arrow tattoos are cliche to say the least by are they more popular on the inner or outer forearm?
  3. Been playing with a bunch of ideas- This is the latest to go along the outer forearm - The phrase is French for "checkmate"
  4. Thanks - Devious, you didn't mix anything up - it is a king in the pic but i might switch it to a queen - i hear what you are saying about the muted shadow which is whi i would most likely use a white pawn (just outline) to offset the shadow
  5. This is the other design i was playing around with - The pawn defeating the King
  6. The tattoo is going to be half chess / half symbolic pretty much like Devious described - My original thought was to have a queen in the shadow because the pawn strives to be promoted in the game, usually to a queen.
  7. Avid chess player - Wanted opinions on this design for a tattoo as well as suggestions for the best placement - Thanks
  8. Has to be somewhat feminine - Do you think because of the spread of the elements inside the circle it can turned into a "tree of life" design?
  9. how about leaving the blue circle and reworking the phoenix into something else? any ideas?
  10. My wife is looking to cover up / change the phoenix inside the circle - Looking for nice ideas or suggestions
  11. Just got this one last night - Fibonacci design - measured out to perfect squares
  12. What are the perceptions of ankle tattoos on men?
  13. I like that you knew the scientist behind the phrase!
  14. I spoke with the artist and it has come down to these two designs - i just have to figure out which would look best and which would best stand over time
  15. Im a bigger fan of the bottom one only because I like black better than color but i am afraid that the lines and letters might warp out over time
  16. Basically an ode to where we come from and where we are going - in my opinion
  17. This is a chain of amino acids - Each amino acid is symbolized by a letter and when the chain is linked together it spells out starstuff (real nerdy i guess)
  18. Thanks - most people who have this tattoo (which isnt many) have the colored one which is more of a rendered piece of art based on the amino chain - i kinda like the bottom one because it is more genuine and im a bigger fan of black and white - my concern more than anything is the lettering
  19. Looking to get a science themed tattoo and came across these designs for the forearm - which would look better in that space and survive better long term?
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