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  1. @mmikaoj Saw that on instagrm earlier awesome tattoo I'd love to get some thing off Iain
  2. I'm not big into portrait tattoos but I plan on getting a portrait of Bill Murray LEGEND think i'm going with stripes 8)
  3. I last got tattood in September and have had nothing booked since, I feel a bit lost! I think this is the first time in 3 or so years where I haven't been looking forward to the next sesion, or booking something new, I need some isperation! anyone now of any US guests coming to the UK anytime soon?
  4. Got this chest eagle off Steve Byrne last week Don't think I posted these either Fudo of Stewart Robson Leopard off Valerie Vargas Scorpion off Valerie too And this mad skull off Andrea Furci
  5. Fucking awesome, I love this tattoo I've been drooling over it on Instagram etc :cool:
  6. Thanks @Joe Stratford I'll have a good look through I'm getting tattooed by Steve Byrne, first time I've been tattooed by him and first tattoo in a few months, I can't wait :D
  7. I'm getting my chest eagle done next week, does anyone have any links to vintage Flash eagle reference
  8. One was done around March the other is a back piece that was finished in January but the blue was put in before that. I doubt I'll see either tattooer for at least a couple of months, one travels the world and is pretty hard to get hold of and the other is not really local to me. I'm not overly concerned it's not all the blue in the tattoos just in certain areas! Lower thigh, lower back waist area and shoulder area. My guess would be it's an allergic reaction on sensitive areas triggered by the sun! It's just strange I've never had issues on my arms and often get caught out without lotion. I'll try some antihistamines and see if that works.
  9. I've just come back off holiday, and have a weird issue! I used SPF 30 all holiday but on a couple of areas where it may of rubbed off, waist band, just bellow neck line and just above knee, some of my tattoos have reacted, they are all fully healed but the blue in the tattoos has gone lumpy and raised up! its quite itchy too! my arms often get caught in the sun without sunscreen and this as never happened. as this happened to anyone else? is there anything I can do? as I said it is only on the blue worst thing I'm going back on holiday on friday! PS I'm not 100% its down to the sun could be a reaction to lotion? I'm not sure :confused:
  10. I like Claudia's work but I am not familiar with the other 2. Is it primarily a Female artist you looking for, If so have you considered Valerie Vargas at frith street? she is an awesome tattooer and a great person to boot! Sarah Carter also works there who is equally as good. If it's not necicerily a Female tattooer your looking for every one else there are great too. Valerie Vargas Tattoo Frith Street Tattoo | World famous Frith street tattoo, custom tattoos situated in the heart of Soho, London. Walk ins welcome! I should point out I do not in any way work for Frith Street Tattoo, I just really enjoy getting tattooed there :D
  11. What a month some amazing work I reckon it's @Eilin 's though, amazing piece! does Marius ever come to the UK? p.s. glad I got in last month :D
  12. by Valerie Vargas at Frith St. in London, UK
  13. Wow thanks everybody, I'm over the moon, The credit really should go to Valerie though all I did was lay there and wince :D Cheers
  14. I only ever see Bald Eagles these days but back in the day Golden Eagles where popular in the U.K. As anyone seen any Golden Eagle designs knocking about in recent times? I'm thinking about mixin it up a bit :D
  15. Thanks @Iwar I also got this Panther off Matt Arriola at Frith Street the day after