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  1. No one? or is this not THE right place in this forum
  2. After seeing THE docu Hori Smoku About THE live of sailor jerry i'm really interested in his japanese work. For now i only found a few images online and really wanna see/know more. Never thought i wanted a japanese piece, but now i do. So the question is who knows more? Are there books? Or are there more artists tattooing in this american/japanese style
  3. MarkM

    Tattoo advice

    Thanks again A quy in the Netherlands called Patrick Kiezebrink he did a lot on my right arm as well
  4. MarkM

    Tattoo advice

    Thanks. only got Some photos taken right after THE tattoo. Making photos of your own arm is way to hard
  5. MarkM

    Tattoo advice

    Hello my name is Mark and i am looking for Some advice what to do whith my left sleeve because i don't know what to put on THE remaining area.
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