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  1. I can't see any issues with them tbh and nothing you can do anyway. Looks like a great well settled in tattoo. I'd be happy with it myself, it's really nice!
  2. Like the others said, it looks great. Live with it awhile and if you decide to get another piece by the same artist you could do the add on at that time.
  3. Booked in with Dan Nelson and Frank William over the next couple of weeks. First time being tattooed by them and looking forward to it!
  4. It's fine! I have multiple panthers, snakes, skulls and will probably get more.
  5. This looks great! Planning to visit Robert soon, can't wait!
  6. Finished off this eagle/snake with Grez a few weeks ago. Hard to get a good photo by myself! Also got this weird reaper from Chad around the same time. For the first time I'm having trouble healing red ink but it's getting there!
  7. Hey, I have had laser removal by a couple of different people and currently from one of the most reputable in New York. In the care package I am always given sterilized lancing needles and told to pop blisters, let them drain and clean with hydrogen peroxide. Although they look a mess they heal up fine. Also I'm given bandages and told to wrap for half of the day and then uncover when i get home (I usually remove after work, clean and pat dry with a paper towel). The bandages last about 4-5 days so I leave uncovered after that. I have done this for about 6 large sessions with no issues. So I wouldn't worry!
  8. Rose Tattoo could be an option: https://www.instagram.com/rosetattooparlour Easy to get to from Manhattan and does walk-ins. You can't go wrong with Smith Street though if someone has time for you.
  9. I got a panther rock kind of thing. He'd drawn my loose idea up before I arrived and it was perfect. He mentioned he'd be back at KA in August around the Pagoda convention. Super nice guy too!
  10. Managed to get in with Greg Whitehead at Kings Ave for the weekend. Excited to see what I end up with! After that Grez for a lower stomach piece in the summer and hopefully a couple of smaller ones before then.
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