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  1. Mine is the crazy ass spaceman head. It was from the sheet Steve painted for this years event.
  2. I went and had an absolute blast! Drove from Minnesota, waited in line and got tattooed by Steve Byrne. The folks at Great Lakes are the real deal and I can't wait until next year. IG is blocked here at work so I can't snag the picture, but it's on Steve's page.
  3. I came across the site while looking online while at work a couple weeks ago and figured I might as well join in on the fun. I have been getting tattooed since the late 90's, but 3 kids had really put the hurt on any new work until the last couple years. The tiger shark in my profile pic is the most recent piece done about 3 weeks ago. I will work on posting some more pics shortly (I am at work and for some reason having a hell of a time sending the few pics that I do have from my phone to my work email). Just browsing the forum has been great and I am looking forward to contributing where I can and continuing to learn. Thanks! Sorry for the shitty picture of my rose panther also...