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  1. Actually not all kinds of tattoos have been condemned by the church. Christian tattooing has a history as far back as the beginning of the religion itself. Crusaders often got tattoos upon arrival to the Holy Land but the evidence exists of much older practices of 'marking one self (by pricking the skin) as one who carries the signs of the lord Jesus Christ. I'm not into the religious history that much so I'm not going to try to be smart. This book Written on the body: the tattoo in European and American history - Jane Caplan - Google Books tries to uncover the hidden history (or as author of one of the essays puts it 'the stolen history') of tattooing in Europe, from when the word tattoo hasn't yet been known.
  2. I probably shouldn't post this but....well I've been apprenticed twice (I cannot say I have been an apprentice as it only lasted few weeks) by the wrong person. And I mean honestly a really shabby tattooers. But as soon as I saw their way of doing things I bailed out. It's been years ago but I still dream about being an apprentice again. What I'm trying to say is that I agree with you Jomester. knowing how to tune your machines doesn't make you a tatooer and if someone had a bad master he should have realised it and left them and go somewhere else. I know I might never get a chance to get into the craft but I wouldn't dream of tattooing without earning my place. I just liked you post, so figured I'll share my story....maybe a bit off subject...sorry.
  3. Ritchie Clark will be working there this weekend I think....?
  4. Well...that's the title of this exhibition.
  5. Anisya

    Ink Stories

    I liked it (although it is strangely sad...the atmosphere is a bit....how to put it...down?) I wanted to post it in the newbie thread because I think that many young people could have their questions quickly answered if they just watch this clip. It's got it all: commitment, hard work, talent and perseverance....
  6. Blowjob art: there's over 100 pictures in the gallery: Blow Job on the Behance NetworkBlow Job on the Behance Network
  7. Anisya

    Ink Stories

    A new documentary about tattoo art has been introduced on Juxtapose Mag....if you've all seen it/posted about it before then I hope admin will swiftly deleat this thread. It starts with apprentice introduction: http://www.juxtapoz.com/Tattoo/ink-stories-the-apprentice-daniel-ronson
  8. I'll risk asking some (maybe stupid) questions to what has been said by @Ursula and many others: 1. Why would you want to be associated with porn when it is associated with 'sleazy' 'sad' 'can't find a real girl' and such?And I'm not saying using porn (we all use it, have seen/read through it) but displaying it for all in public is a bit rude and bad manners (can I say 'bad manners' and porn in the same post?). It just paints this image of a lonely creep no one wants to f*%#. Doesn't it? 2. Isn't 'Porn' when people 'do it'? As opposed to pictures that show naked girls in 'pseudo-erotic' poses? 3. I don't think women get that offended by it but would you get tattooed (being a woman) by a guy who clearly likes this kind of stuff? I'd feel wrong with his hands on me, no matter the glowes. (and yet again, I can know he likes it and that is fine but when he's so 'in your face' with it...? Doesn't feel right. And those are more questions then opinions....I don't really have an 'opinion' on the subject as it would depend on many variables....I'm curious, I guess...
  9. ...mmmmh, what is Homecoming Queen? Oh wait, I can check that one on google...back to the serious stuff then...
  10. I am sorry about your friend. It's such a shame when it happens.
  11. Dont know how relevant it would be to the question, but When I first came to the UK I noticed that many really tough bad ass men where wearing pink t-shirts and pink polo shirts and what not. Apparently they were 'tuff enough' that they could even pull the 'pink shirt' thing without being worried they look feminine/gay.... true or false (that's what I've been told, doesn't make it 100% accurate) it does tell you something about their confidence...i kinda like the fact they didn't give a crap. Get a unicorn and be proud of it!
  12. You might find this interesting: American Prison Tattoo Photos (Anthony Luke's photoblog/Robert Gumpert Photos) anthony luke's not-just-another-photoblog Blog: American Prison Tattoos by Photographer Robert Gumpert
  13. A bit of a sub-story to the Eastern Promises russian prison tattoos
  14. @G.Uristti Yeah, I know you've been sarcastic. BTW your work is outstanding so you have every right to comment on this guy. I'm not an artist so I'll keep it subtle. I didn't really get why some poor tattooists have thousands of followers on F.book or Flicker...you've cleared it up a bit for me :) Thanks
  15. I don't feel I have the right to bash anyone, didn't earn my stripes yet but 'poorly coloured' is the first thing that hits my eye... What bugs me most is the claim of him being so experienced...
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