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  1. Well, that was brutal. I tapped out after an embarrassingly short time, but whatever. He was able to finish the outline for the face/head and flames, which is great. Eyes on the prize: it's a long-term commitment, a journey, so I'm not worried. I'm in it, now. But goddamn that hurt: especially the left hand side of my back, for some reason. Involuntarily tensed up every time. Not looking forward to that. Also difficult is that he pushes down on your back the whole time, making it harder to breathe. Music helps, and talking. Talking really gets your mind off things. Well, even though so little was done, it looks amazing already, and next appointment's in a month. Thanks!
  2. @Guerillaneedles this is another great site, but hasn't been updated in a year or so, unfortunately:
  3. @Machcekborrach @GlaryMilberg that's cool; I've never seen it before.
  4. @Machcekborrach do you mean baku?
  5. this site is fantastic:
  6. Thanks for the reality check/confirmation @Hands On! Takashi Matsuba's (traditionaltool) doing it. I've got another piece by him, and am looking forward to this tremendously. It'll be Jikokuten, the Buddhist deity/protector of the East and the heavenly musicians. Reading these posts makes me less nervous: the sense of shared suffering. Thanks again.
  7. First time posting. Have an appointment to get started on a traditional Japanese back piece in a few weeks. 1st session will be 4 hours outlining. Any suggestions on how to sit through this? I do kind of zone out/in on tattoos, but 4 hours on my back I'm nervous af. Also concerned about aftercare/not scabbing/clothing. Sorry if this has been discussed but could use ideas. Cheers!