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    My first tattoo

    that's what healing tattoos look like
  2. scottyg

    Ego Death

    In Buddhist traditions I could see an enso (though you'd need someone really good) or the character for mu. It's a problem though: I mean, how do you pictorially represent nothing?
  3. scottyg


    first thing I thought when I got home after lining my backpiece was, oh my god, I've got some DUDE on my back! then I was like, eh, it's a god, and cool as hell.
  4. yeah, that's why I'd go with huge black and grey angel and devil, one on each side. so it won't like work with the outline but instead cover over everything. but that's thousands of dollars.... so while you're limited on funds now, maybe it's a matter of saving up. isn't there a guy in the south that does cover ups on tattoos from former gang members? or am I thinking of white power shit? good luck man!
  5. that's a tough cover up, dude. might be best to get like an angel on one side and a demon on the other or something. really big. just blast over each letter.
  6. welcome. whataya thinking about getting?
  7. scottyg

    Longivity ?

    That "Japanese style" looks very unreadable and I don't think would age well, but I think that'd be more down to the specific style and artist than traditional Japanese tattooing generally. But, yeah, what @JAC1961 said.
  8. Yeah, no point in risking. I've got a NYHC tattoo in Fraktur. Needless to say that doesn't always go over well....
  9. I mean, I'm getting a Japanese traditional backpiece, where they sign it, which is the most traditional way. that's what I wanted. But if we're talking any other piece I'd flip shit.
  10. I'd lose my shit....
  11. 900 clams for a 6 in tattoo seems reasonable, but your top priority in this should be choosing an artist whose portfolio you love. If you love the artist's whose work costs you 190x4 hrs and you trust them, then you go with that person. I can't imagine getting a sleeve for in the 900-1500 range; that's insane: insanely low and would be insanely low quality.
  12. Another way to look at it: shit happens.
  13. scottyg


    best to attach pictures
  14. absolutely just let your artist shave you
  15. sorry, I don't, but please let us know if/when you find out!
  16. scottyg


    ah I see; yeah, then the arm or calf could work well: the upper calf muscle would work for the circular portion.
  17. scottyg


    back of calf is a good place for a circular image, though. I can see that working.
  18. I usually cover mine, but while people look they've never said anything.
  19. I could see this working with the right artist. *Red* white blue, and then for the ducks green brown blue (depending on the type). I'd be less worried about the colors than the amount of imagery/number of images. Generally less is more. But I could totally see a flag rip on the upper arm, and a duck/water OR baseball scene on the lower. All three on one arm (if I've read you correctly) seems really difficult. Everything's down to finding the right artist though.
  20. I don't know about driving, depends on your wherewithall, but you can definitely go back to work if you want. Just be aware there will probably be significant swelling on extremities like that (I got a lot of swelling in my ankles and feet) and so you'll want to elevate your leg if possible. Also, don't wear jeans as they'll rub against the tattoo, which is an open wound at that point. Try to wear slacks/etc if possible.
  21. looks great; totally normal, it won't really be healed for a while.
  22. If you're new to healing tattoos best to do exactly what your artist told you. Once you've had a few you'll get a routine down that works best for you. But yeah, generally they say aquaphor for the first 2/3 days, VERY light coating, then switch to a fragrant free moisturizer. But again, best to go by your artist's directions.
  23. on the other hand my artist doesn't wrap my back piece, I just schlepp home and shower when I get there.
  24. definitely go with what your artist says. 2-4 hours tops. never overnight.
  25. yeah, man, you really need to relax your body, find your zen, and breathe. being tense will not be good for getting tattooed. glad it came out well though.