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  1. mine is a bit different, but I got it well after she died. it's a minogame: a Japanese folk turtle with seaweed on its back, surrounded by waves and maple leaves. it represents felicity and longevity, and for me it represents my mother who liked fall and the ocean. death sucks, death sucks so much, but at least we can get nice tattoos
  2. so very sorry to hear that; it's good to be able to memorialize her in this way.
  3. do NOT laser it. I think we all feel a little bummed when things don't turn out as we envision it, but that's why you have to trust your artist, and trust you made the right decision choosing your artist. kirin usually look the way you describe, with the legs sticking up at the back/in the air, and the head in the front. and they're a mythological animal, so....
  4. all my pieces are meaningful: my backpiece is the Buddhist protector of the heavenly musicians--I'm a musician. on my calf I've got a minogame in autumn with water--a minogame symbolizes long life and happiness, and for me represents my mother.
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    oy, I'm not sure!
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    I think you have to post a few times before you can get into other forums. cheers!
  7. cool idea. this year it was all backpiece all the time: we finished the background and red and started the green. this coming year I hope to finish the whole damn thing!
  8. if you want to mix it up then keeping styles consistent doesn't seem so important. that's a typical American approach. it'd be up to your artist to make it work visually. cheers!
  9. nice!! yeah, the back in general is *brutal* cheers, and welcome.
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    it's taken me almost 3 weeks to stop peeling on my latest round as my tattooer was really packing it in last time. the skin's just healing. it looks fine, and really it's nothing to worry about.
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    in all honesty it looks like a perfectly natural part of the healing process
  12. I've got traditional Japanese so I do research as to subject matter, and then trust my artist. Cheers!
  13. My leg piece feels sensitive to the touch/irritated pretty much all the time. It healed fine. I think I just have sensitive skin. God help me when this back piece is finished.... Btw, if it's pain it ain't phantom.
  14. hahaha you're a riot But seriously some of this is definitely true. I get nervous before hand and all the way out to Brooklyn still, but as soon as I enter the shop I'm chill. While getting tattooed I tried to talk as much as humanly possible--that gets me through it. And then yes, totally, that last wipe down is such a relief! And then it's on to the next month....
  15. Sorry you're having a bad experience/not the experience you want, but I'd say at the outset that nothing you describe sounds terrible/terribly out of the ordinary. A lot just sounds like a personality difference. But: 1. if the artist is a true pro it's not so important about the planning: she knows what she's doing. the discussion is more on you to ask ask ask. (That said, I'm doing traditional Japanese where you only pick the subject of the tattoo and everything is up to the artist. So I come from a very different perspective on this.) 2. "touch-ups" in the context of still working on a large piece are different than if it were complete and you were going back months later. They're often necessary, and I would just chalk it up to getting the perfect piece. 3. $250 is a loooottta cash but yes that's what you'd pay for a unique top quality piece. Without seeing it it's hard to judge whether it's truly cookie cutter though, you know, rather than your feeling bad about it given the experience you're having? 4. yes it'd be an issue, and don't do it..... 5. finish what you started. You have to finish things in life. That's my 2cents, others may disagree/have different interpretations. Cheers and good luck!
  16. generally you should pat dry the area with a clean cloth and then apply the lotion while your pores are still open, so that it can absorb better.
  17. First two days I use Aquaphor, light coating when it's dry. Then I switch to Cetaphil, which doesn't contain lanolin, which is a wool-derived product used in almost all moisterizers.