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  1. I wouldn't question the placement by a master. If you're concerned with symmetry you could get the other one laser removed and then a symmetrically-placed coverup. In other words, change the surroundings to fit the traditional piece.
  2. jesus, if I had a dollar for everyone who thought some obscure part of a tattoo looked phallic! sometimes a rose is just a rose
  3. It doesn't look scarred or blown out to me. I think it's the same issue as before: best to just be patient and manage your expectations, as it's a really pleasant tattoo, and I honestly think it'll be fine.
  4. haha well then! I actually don't get wrapped around the waist like that; just put my tshirt back on and head to the subway!
  5. I'm already planning my right calf and 3/4 sleeves with chest panels.... not good.
  6. is this a joke? ffs. get a hobby!
  7. looks lovely; we're often too critical of new tattoos, and when we're new to tattoos
  8. there's just really no way to tell right now, but it's probably just the natural healing process. in my experience people new to tattoos tend to worry more than is warranted. it'll probably be fine. and if it isn't you can ask the artist to touch it up in like 4 months or something.
  9. if you hover over the upper righthand of the post you can report the post, and then I guess the admin will take it further if need be
  10. yeah, I don't know what it is but it seems all tattoo-related tshirts are insanely priced
  11. I hate advertising, so don't take this that way.... I just bought OT's new dragon tattoo Dr. Martens with a muewari split on the toe. So. F***ing. Rad. I haven't had a pair Doc Martens in like over a decade. All through high school I wanted a pair; it wasn't till grad school that I bought a pair; they died a decade ago. And soon I'll have another pair. They also have shoes by Grez and Chris Lambert:
  12. London ruled, of course. Went to Kanae's Nine Tails tattoo shop, got a shirt, met her briefly to express my appreciation for her work. Fun times.
  13. my dermatologist also asked to see my backpiece, ass and all!!!
  14. scottyg

    Tattoo regret

    I've got a DUDE on my entire back. it freaked me out when I first saw it. but after a while I got used to having a Buddhist deity on my back, which is what I had wanted to begin with. I think a great tattoo compliments rather than hides the lines of the body. and I think yours is a great tattoo.
  15. scottyg

    Tattoo regret

    yeah, the good thing about a slow process like a backpiece is you adjust over time, as opposed to being hit all at once, like you're experiencing. again, own that shiiiiiit man!! I would first take a breath before planning the next piece. easier said than done, but try to absorb the excitement about your current piece before hatching your next.... but when you do, I'd say fill out your arms. but there aren't any rules for that.
  16. scottyg

    Tattoo regret

    dude, that's one baaaaadass piece man. I would be walking the block like I F***ing owned if I had that chest piece. it's a big, impressive, monster piece.
  17. Met him at Takashi Matsuba's art show, was really chill.
  18. Thanks! unfortunately no, gotta finish this back piece, and Takashi's my guy!