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  1. I will also give you guys an update on how things have been going on since that first post I wrote here 4 years ago. I was a huge help for me to get support here and maybe it'll be an inspiration for someone else to see how all the anxiety fades away with time. I LOVE my tattoo. I've got two more since then: one pretty big one on my chest (beautiful blooming flowers) and a smaller one on my back. None of them is perfect, and I love them all completely. I've never had any problems at work (in the university) and if anything it only makes my students more interested in me and my courses :). I've never received any negative comments about my tattoos anywhere actually, and they just help me to discover and embrace my true self, which has already brought me to the most beautiful places in life. I am much more fulfilled with my life now than I was 4 years ago and the first tattoo was one of the first steps out of the life that I didn't enjoy. Now I just want to get more of course. Hugs xx
  2. It's beautiful! But you know it anyway since you know your feelings are not based on reality. To give you some comfort, my anxiety passed quite quickly. Now, two and a half years ago, I fully love my tattoo and it makes me feel so much better in my body. It's a beautiful part of me now and I can't imagine I just had a bare arm once :). I even got a second big tattoo right on my chest from a different artist. I didn't have the same anxiety right away but a couple of months after getting it I was going through a difficult period so it hit me. Now I just realize it's like that for me with all big changes: I might want it, I might like it, but it is still going outside my comfort zone, so anxiety is natural and it just takes time to accept these things as a part of your new comfort zone. Hope it happens soon for you, my inked buddy! In the meantime, getting support from the community reeeaaaaaaaally helps :).
  3. Hi Emily! Your tattoo is beautiful! I also got my first one and joined the forum recently, and I am also very happy about finding this place because I have absolutely no one with any interested in tattoos among my friends. Welcome!
  4. @Lucy83, I am in Leiden, and I only moved to the Netherlands a year ago, so I didn't even now where Den Bosch is before I looked it up
  5. Thanks, @El Dolmago! I am worrying less about this now. But I was really surprised to find out that sometimes students give bad evaluations to their professors because of the tattoos. Seriously, guys?
  6. Yes, I don't think there are a lot of people with tattoos in the Netherlands. Where do you live here, @Lucy83?
  7. Hi @PinkUnicorn, I live in the Netherlands now, which is probably the most tolerant country in general. I work in a very international environment now. But I have no idea where I will be in 3 years when my current contract will be over (I do not have a European passport so I won't be able to stay unless I have a job).
  8. I agree, I would not expect any negative attitude towards tattoos in academia, that's why I didn't even think about that before getting one. After that, I started thinking about all possible negative consequences of that (literally ALL, you cannot even imagine what crazy thoughts were in my head). And on one website I read somebody saying that it is a very bad idea to get a big visible tattoo if you are a university teacher. And some woman working in academia wrote in her blog that if somebody is not going to hire her because of her tattoos, then maybe it is not a place for her anyway. So, I thought, there might be this problem! Being in a very fragile state of mind, I over-generalized it of course. That is what I often tend to do: focus on some negative possibilities that are only in my head and worrying worrying worrying about them. So yes, I have some anxiety issues in general. The transition to being a tattooed person for some reasons for me was much harder than I could expect it to be, and it magnified all my worries. I've also had some kind of a personality crisis recently, it doesn't help either. But I am so much better now already, especially during the day time. Mornings and evenings seem to be difficult times in this respect for me. I am starting to accept my new look and I like it very much. Thank you for your support a lot, people! I hope that soon I'll stop whining here for good.
  9. Thanks a lot, @Gingerninja! Compliments help too =)
  10. I completely agree: do it if you want it. All the things have different meanings for different people. Math does not make me feel ill and I also find the Platonic solids fascinating although I don't know a thing about them =). So I would absolutely love your tattoo! And you have more than enough reasons to have polyhedra on you.
  11. Yes, I think it has even more meaning for me than I initially realized. And it being on my arm is the biggest problem: it is too visible both for me and for the people around. But from the very beginning, I wanted it to be visible for me and I didn't care much for the people around (until I actually got the tattoo and started reading on the internet how tattoos are perceived in the academic world. It was a bad idea, don't ever do it!). But the community here is amazing and I am very glad I am a part of it now!
  12. Thanks, @Makar! I do like my tattoo. It makes me very happy when I am not panicking =). Then I just remember why I did it and it al makes sense. It is just so very new for me. It's been only a week! It is also itchy now so I am constantly paying attention to it. I think it will also be better when it heals completely.
  13. I wonder if there are any people who couldn't ever overcome this feeling
  14. Thanks, guys! @Lucy83, yes, I think that it holds for me too. I still cannot believe that this thing is actually ON me. Looking at it in the mirror or in the photo is definitely easy than looking at it directly. @el twe, here is my tattoo. It is on my userpic as well. The photo was taken by the artist right after the tattooing. I think it is beautiful and magical but oooooh it is much bigger than I thought it would be. In general, I think I am starting to feel a little bit better now. At least I do not wake up in the middle of the night. Now it is just these panic attacks in the morning and in the evening =). I feel very silly because of all that.
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