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  1. More tattoo regret

    Coming to accept the tattoo(s) you have is one of the best lessons I've learned from getting tattooed. There's so much trust involved in being tattooed, because no matter how much research you've done on artist, how many portfolios you've looked at, how excruciatingly you studied the stencil before having it put on your skin, when it comes down to it, you're basically trusting a complete stranger to permanently alter your body and appearance. As someone who generally likes to be in control of everything, getting tattooed allows me to practice letting go, being present in the moment, and accepting things I can't change in a way that few other things in my life can. I only have three tattoos, but I have one that I had a harder time accepting than the others because the lines aren't as bold, the colors not as saturated, and stylistically is just a bit off from the bolder style I've learned that I prefer. I don't regret the tattoo, and I certainly don't hate the tattoo, but the point is, even if I did, it's there now! Nothing I can really do to change it so it's not worth worrying over. I think your tattoo looks lovely and well done. I agree that it would be prudent to hold off on completing the sleeve until you feel more certain that's what you want. I think it looks fine as a stand alone piece.
  2. Now that I know it exists thanks to your earlier post, yes, I'll definitely be checking it out at least one of the days!
  3. Upcoming Tattoos

    I was literally thinking last night how I want to go to a tattoo convention in 2018. I didn't realize there would be one in Jacksonville! Sounds like you've got some good work lined up.
  4. I'm attempting a dry heal for the first time with my latest tattoo per my artist's instructions. I was feeling pretty skeptical about it last night after my shower because my skin felt so tight and looked so dry. I almost broke down and dabbed a little Aquaphor on there, but my artist specifically said that ointments tend to make his work scab, so I toughed it out. It feels pretty good this morning, even after washing. I'm looking forward to starting to use a little lotion tomorrow. All in all it seems like I'm on track based on how my other tattoos healed. I'm also enjoying not sticking to my bed sheets because of sticky ointment.
  5. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Here’s my latest from Phil DeAngulo at Behind the Circle in Brooklyn:
  6. For others who might be interested, the scan passed without incident. My injured foot was all wrapped up in a boot, but I think that was just to keep it still. Both my legs went into the machine. I don't know how many Teslas it was, but my tattoos did not feel or look any different during or after the procedure. I asked the technician about it beforehand just in case, and she said the only time it's an issue is with old tattoos, prison tattoos, and tattoos people have done themselves at home. I had the same thought about iron, but I think the difference in magnetism is probably related to the iron being in an organic form (in your blood) vs. inorganic (in some tattoo inks). That's complete conjecture though, I really have no idea.
  7. Reading through this thread, consensus seems to be that nothing terrible is going to happen if I get an MRI, yes? I'm going to have my foot scanned tomorrow and since it's my non-tattooed leg that's injured, I was hoping they could just stick that foot in the machine and leave the rest of me out of it. I don't think that's what's going to happen. The lady I scheduled the appointment with asked me a bunch of intake questions (the normal stuff about claustrophobia and metal), but didn't mention anything about tattoos, so I asked if she'd ever heard of that being an issue. She said she'd been scheduling radiology appointments for a long time and it had never come up, so presumably it's not a big deal. I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with MRI since this thread was last updated.
  8. Upcoming Tattoos

    Just booked an appointment with Phil DeAngulo for December!
  9. I didn't really expect to learn anything from getting tattooed, or for tattoos to change me in any way. I got my first one due to an interest in the art form and out of curiosity/a desire to take a risk and experience something new. The whole process of getting tattooed (everything from planning the design to scheduling the appointment to waiting for the appointment to trusting the artist to not F*** up your skin to living with the work after it's done) has been so much more fascinating and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. I think getting tattooed is a pretty intense trust exercise. You approach an artist - who's probably a stranger, describe what you have in mind, and trust that they'll be able to execute your vision and put it in the right spot and apply it with proper technique. Even after you approve the sketch, you have to trust that it will transfer well to skin, and that the color palette will match (or be better than) what you imagined. All that can be nerve-wracking, but as someone who loves to control everything she can and worries incessantly about plenty of things she can't, there's something incredibly therapeutic about relinquishing control and putting trust in a stranger to put something beautiful and permanent on your body. My tattoos have also been a great exercise in acceptance. My control-freak nature also comes with a healthy dose of perfectionism (and a propensity for not taking risks), but with my tattoos I've had to let that go. I think I have great tattoos, but of course they have their flaws, and learning to live with and accept them has been healthy for me, I think. I made a choice to get tattooed, trusted my artists, and have to accept the work as it is because it's there forever whether it turned out like I planned it or not. Lastly, I never expected getting tattooed to be so FUN. Not that I explicitly enjoy the needles-boring-into-my-skin part, but the excitement and ritual leading up to tattoo day, hanging out in shops, seeing the huge lovely flash collections on the walls, and meeting interesting people has been so delightful.
  10. Tattoo placement

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I have a related question. In general, do you guys trust your artist to place the stencil where they think the tattoo will look best (once you've given the general direction of "right forearm" or "left bicep" or whatever? How often do you have the artist reposition the stencil after it's been placed? I tend to take the approach of just trusting that my artist knows what they're doing and what will look good/"right" better than I do. At the same time, it's your body and you're the one that will have to live with the placement. So how do you guys decide on placement, especially if you're building a "sleeve" (or at least a collection of pieces in the same area on the body)?
  11. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @kassandrac That is ADORABLE.
  12. Thanks guys. I have since gotten my second tattoo and 1) it does not mirror the first one, and 2) it's on the same leg as my first. My latest plan is to work on filling up my right leg with oneshots, so maybe I'll get a little hot air balloon eventually.
  13. Hiding a tattoo while it heals?

    Covering it with a relatively loose, non-abrasive long-sleeve shirt should be adequate to hide your tattoo while it's healing, especially after the first day or two. Then just let it air out when you're at home. Tegaderm also seems like a reasonable option. I work in a hospital (also in the Southern US) and visible tattoos aren't allowed, so a LOT of the nurses/doctors/other tattooed employees opt to wear sports sleeves over their tattoos. I probably wouldn't put that over a healing tattoo, but it could be a better option than full long sleeves all the time once it's healed.
  14. My latest tattoo is a little over a week old, and my husband and I took a long weekend to Savannah for our anniversary. I'm in full peel/brutal itchiness phase, did my best to sweep the dead skin flakes out of our Airbnb bed before we left. Anyway we went to have massages today and despite me explicitly asking the massage therapist to avoid my right leg all together, she still passed over my peeling tattoo twice with eucalyptus oil. She almost certainly took some loose skin with her, but hopefully no damage was done. Does anyone know if eucalyptus oil will be problematic on a week old tattoo?
  15. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Looks good! Who fixed it up for you?