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  1. Saw those on his insta! They’re awesome!
  2. well blowout isn’t going to be entirely the artists fault, sometimes it depends on the area being tattooed and it wasn’t going to happen regardless - tattoos are perfect through imperfection
  3. This piece is awesome! How long did you sit for?
  4. Dan, it’s not letting me edit posts on mobile. My apologies!
  5. I bought a black compression sleeve to wear on my forearm while my sleeve is healing. I wore it for about a week, and now I’ve been just using a lotion that has sunscreen in it.
  6. Here’s my progress so far on my sleeve from Bobby Cupparo @ LOVEMACHINE N.Y.C. We’re about 25 hours in so far - I think we’ve roughly got about that left before the project is finished. I had (and have) ink fallout from black inks so my blacks usually need some touching up. The lionness was the first piece of the sleeve to be worked on, and was recently worked on this past Saturday. The mandrill is a few months finished at this point. Everything usually gets touched up a slight bit going into each session to address problem areas.
  7. Going to be finishing up the lower portion of the sleeve I started a few months back with Bobby Cupparo at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention (February 12th) I believe. If any of you will be there, come say hello! I’ll be in the chair all day. Adding a Caprian Ibex and possibly another bug to the backside of my forearm. Here’s where I’m at roughly 6 hours in: https://imgur.com/a/pkDBc Really excited for the piece to come together once he finishes out shading and layering the lioness and beetle.
  8. Killer tattoo! Sorry I don’t have any advice - never even started a project that large.
  9. For all of you who have seen the recent fiasco about Everence on Instagram, what are your opinions on the product?
  10. Dope as F***! Also right down the street from me!
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