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  1. mattyrx Ill mostly post pictures of newer paintings and the weird signs , houses and graffiti scribblins I find in New Orleans....join me , won't you?.. If anyone is really interested in me posting all the Fluer di Lys I tattoo on tatted tourists, I can do that too..
  2. Everyone that works there is fantastic, and not just cuz I'm biased...solid crew fo sho..
  3. I work at Electric Ladyland. And besides going to Jacci's and Don's for the history side of things, it's the only game in town. Come visit and, yes, Lester is the man.
  4. My favorite part is that they use the same "tension noise" that they use on Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare, which is the greatest show on television. I will be watching every week.
  5. I got a few of those cards..13 designs is my favorite pitch line..
  6. I totally got that Hardy sparrow with the eyes in it's body and wings from Murray last year..Eye Swallow...yep..didn't really get it until halfway thru when my buddy Steve said something..ha..oh well.
  7. Red is made from fire and Blue, obviously, is made from clouds. I also been told by clients that fatty and boney parts hurt more to get tatted, or hurt less, depending. That tat guns go a "million times" a second. That Kat Von D is the most famous tattooer. Of course, there are always the stories that still persist of the ol " fox hunt" tattoo that they're buddy's uncle had. That female tattooers hurt less (especially Kat Von D). Oh ,and where can I get that skin -colored ink to tattoo over unwanted tattoos..Bill WaverLy? I'm lookin at you....
  8. Ha Shawn....it's funny cuz it's true....I played C-Lo with Oliver once in Sweden, and he ran game on dem dice...all about the paper chase. Not always a bad thing, ya know.
  9. Just curious about the general LST'ers think about this....Top Chef/Project Runway for tattooers? Not too sure what my opinion is yet..peep the trailer on Spike's website..First thing that I thought was odd was the fact that several of the "contestants" already are well " established", and own shops ,and put out books and CD-ROMS and all that jazz..
  10. I won't be there this year...Ill be stayin in New Orleans tattin fluer de lys on tourists..oh well.. Bummed not to see all my East Coast peeps tho..
  11. When I was in Australia a few years back , I was fortunate enough to get tattooed by Bev "Cindy Ray" Robinson. A small souvenier butterfly and I asked her to put her classic "Cindy Ray", with a little love heart for the dot above the "i", signature below it....she was a little taken aback, but was more than happy to do so. One of my favorites to this day.
  12. Absolutely amazing...Ive been tattooed by Freddy twice and they were very influential times...he was very generous with his time and gave me the two tattoos that, while I was getting them, taught me the most about being both a tattooer and, more than anything, a human being.
  13. I got told by Albrigo that if and when the time comes to leave, that Bink will cut them in square foot peices and give them to friends who have visited that space. kind of a cool idea...its a pretty ridiculous painting- " far- out" is puttin it lightly.... And I dont mind at all if people gank stuff from my blog..especiall to post here... MATTYRUNKS
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