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  1. I'm thinking about this one a little too hard. Help me out with a last name?
  2. Todd Tauscher at Hold Fast in Redwood City. He's a well kept secret in the Bay Area.
  3. Bill and Junii Salmon are in San Francisco, and are a part of the Horitoshi family. As long as you are willing to travel!
  4. Been dabbling in the past, with some letters... Says Lief, believe it or not. Disclaimer: I am niether a piecer nor a burner. I just draw.
  5. Chocolate and marshallow dessert. 1917. Something about China and big pimpin. Tennessee was robbed.
  6. A&D, especially a lot of A&D is a problem for tattoos. If you are in a humid place, et. al with heat and moisture, it will double.
  7. looks like 1. you don't take care of yourself. 2. it's not a well made tattoo.
  8. Hoping to make it this year. Been 6 since I was at the best convention on the West Coast.
  9. Scott did a burning candle in a coffin with a blue rose in the same amount of time on me. Double time with that guy. I didn't feel a thing, either.
  10. Fun fact, for the day. Death Before Dishonor Tattoo in SF is a banger of a shop. Paco Excel does one better on the larger scale Japanese tattoos.
  11. Not specifically a military tattoo, so long as you're a rule bender. Jerry was definitely involved in the war efforts, though.
  12. Got to have the last of a long string of sharp, painful, heartfelt conversations with my ex. She is, and I, one of the most painfully famed youthful, starting in middle school, relationships that I have ever had. Blindingly similar to how my parents split up.
  13. Chris Conn Askew's daughter, Cash, just passed away, in an Oakland warehouse party. Seems Chris is fairly messed up about it, according to many accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Please, for my sake, keep things under wrap.
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