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  1. I know your pain.. I had a cover last year on my other arm that I totally regretted as soon as it was started so I'm currently in the process of having it lasered off so I can start again.. Hence why I'm being so cautious about my approach to this arm.. It can definitely get to the point were you feel your heads about to explode !!
  2. Still looking for ideas on adding to this if anyone would like to help. I've looked at lots of Images just can't seem to put anything together in my head !!
  3. Hi, I've just started the process of laser removal on a tattoo I had 25 years ago. Some of the outline was beginning to look out of shape so I decided it was time to do something. Initially I attempted to have it relined and adding some new background but I wasn't happy with the results so I booked into a Laser clinic. I've had one session so far with a ND Yag Laser. The clinic want me to wait 8 weeks in between sessions. There is tattoo studio local that offers laser sessions every 4 weeks but I'm unsure on the type of laser they use, would that make a difference ?? I've read mixed reviews on aftercare and time periods in between sessions.
  4. Hi, recommendations are always good. I had some work done last year, over 15 years since my last tattoo so didn't really have any knowledge of local artists. I spent a morning driving around local studios, showed them what I wanted and had a look at there work. I found that different studios and artists had different preferred styles so meeting them first helped me decide on who I thought was right for me. In the end I went with the artist that made me feel the most comfortable and all worked out ok. Good luck
  5. Thanks. It was done at a studio just outside of Birmingham . The Studio is still there but has changed ownership a couple of times since I had this done. I believe it's now called Native Ink.
  6. Hi, I had this tattoo some 19 years ago and have been thinking about adding new ink around it. Problem I have is what style do I go ?? I'm not sure I want to keep the old school style as I don't really want anymore bold colours, I would prefer to add more modern grey and transparent images but not sure how that would work next to what I have. There is plenty of room around it but I just haven't got the imagination to put something together that would work well.. Any advice would be appreciated ..