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  1. I only use the hussle butter as thats what my artist recommended and I'm following her advice. I had moved on from hussle butter to cocoa butter but she told me to go back to the hussle butter. Im just scared the weird discolouration won't disappear
  2. I got a tattoo done 2 weeks ago and I thought it was healing fine - it started peeling after a week so switched from hussle butter to Palmers cocoa butter. It has almost finished peeling but yesterday I noticed a dark circle around part of the design? I messaged my artist and she said it looks a bit 'angry' and to go back to using the hussle butter on it. Has anyone had anything like this but then it has healed fine? The dark circle is around the middle circle of the sun, almost looks like it it meant to be there but its not! Any advice appreciated thanks 🙂
  3. Hi, I've got an appointment in 3 weeks time but I've been having thoughts about changing the design. I thought I was dead set on what I wanted but then I wasn't sure about size and placement as I thought I wanted it smaller but my initial design wouldn't look great smaller. I've just thought of another design that would work smaller. Also as this is a tattoo for my son I feel this new design is more indicative of our bond so I want to feel completely happy on a personal level that I choose a tattoo that reflects our bond best. Im just frustrated with myself that id never thought of this idea before as if I had, I would've gone with this rather than changing my mind. As a tattoo artist, would you feel annoyed about having to change design 3 weeks in advance? How likely is it that you would have drawn the original idea up this far in advance? Im happy to pay a bit more if she has already drawn it and therefore needs more time to redraw new design, ive already paid £100 deposit so not sure how much more generally I'd need to pay. I know every artist is different though.
  4. I'm getting a fruit pun tattoo and as the original design I liked that the artist drew up was selected literally minutes before I put my deposit down, I'm considering other puns cos I love her style so much and I love puns! I have the following ideas: "Bittersweet" - this would be a pic of a lemon wedge with some sugar stuck all over it. Just now sure if it would be easy to tattoo on sugar? "Exstrawdinary" - with a Strawberry "Exstrawdiberry" - like the above but more of the Strawberry in the pun. Please let me know what you think :-)
  5. It's about an hour drive for me. I think I'll call the shop tomorrow and hopefully we can set down a date then. Thanks guys
  6. It's just the lines on the church steeple I need touching up but it's quite obvious that it doesn't look right without the touch up lol. Maybe if theres no reply this weekend I should call the studio on Monday so that's given him a few days to reply? I feel that the dates I've proposed aren't good for him but maybe back and forth is too difficult to sort over instagram so over the phone earlier might save all the back and forth lol!
  7. I've got a tattoo that is fully healed but needs touching up, so I contacted my artist who I also emailed pictures to to show him what needed touching up. 3 weeks and no response, I tried contacting him on instagram where he claimed he never received my email. Anyway so he asked when I was thinking and I gave him some dates I was off work in April (I work in a school so only get school holiday dates) but he said he was away on holiday then. So I proposed a choice of 2 Saturdays after my time off work, to which he never responded (but had seen the message). After a few days and no reply, I asked 'so either of those dates ok?' He said no, he was busy those two Saturdays but asked if I was free during the week. I said no but I'd be free last week of May as those are the next school holidays, or I'm also free bank holiday Monday if ťhe studio was open. Again, he's seen the message but not replied. This is getting a little tiring and stressful now as I believe I'm being more than flexible with the dates I'm offering. Any advice?
  8. Well my tattooist says he did it with a small enough needle that it should stay that way for 50 years, by which time I'd be 80 so I really wouldn't be bothered at that point! I'd just be happy that I had an awesome tattoo on my body for 50 years :-)
  9. Hi everyoneI'm hoping to get some honest opinions about a tattoo I got about 3 weeks ago. I was so pleased cos the artist put so much detail in it for me as he said he wanted to ensure the cathedral and ferris wheel were distinguishable from any others in the world. But I had a couple of comments that made me feel crap. One of my colleagues asked when I showed it to her if "I" liked it...and when I got a new tattoo today and I talked to this new artist about healing methods, I told her with this tattoo (what this thread is about) I was told to do dry healing which she recommended against. So I asked if she could tell me if she thought this tattoo was healing ok, to which she responded "has it always looked like that?". It's making me paranoid that this tattoo is a mess :-( please give me your honest thoughts.
  10. Just got a new tattoo 3 days ago. When I'd originally explained my idea to the artist, I said I'd like to have watercolour, to which he responded it would look best "behind" the heart. But when he did my tattoo, he said it was up to me obviously, but he thought the watercolour would take the attention away from the very detailed cathedral and wheel inside the heart. What do you all think?
  11. Hi, I got a tattoo back in October and just had it touched up yesterday. She added some white lines in the crane but do they look OK? They seem a bit wobbly to me, but maybe that's just because it's just been done and it will change appearance when it's healed? Any feedback would be appreciated :-) thanks
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