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  1. Well my tattooist says he did it with a small enough needle that it should stay that way for 50 years, by which time I'd be 80 so I really wouldn't be bothered at that point! I'd just be happy that I had an awesome tattoo on my body for 50 years :-)
  2. Hi everyoneI'm hoping to get some honest opinions about a tattoo I got about 3 weeks ago. I was so pleased cos the artist put so much detail in it for me as he said he wanted to ensure the cathedral and ferris wheel were distinguishable from any others in the world. But I had a couple of comments that made me feel crap. One of my colleagues asked when I showed it to her if "I" liked it...and when I got a new tattoo today and I talked to this new artist about healing methods, I told her with this tattoo (what this thread is about) I was told to do dry healing which she recommended against. So I asked if she could tell me if she thought this tattoo was healing ok, to which she responded "has it always looked like that?". It's making me paranoid that this tattoo is a mess :-( please give me your honest thoughts.
  3. Just got a new tattoo 3 days ago. When I'd originally explained my idea to the artist, I said I'd like to have watercolour, to which he responded it would look best "behind" the heart. But when he did my tattoo, he said it was up to me obviously, but he thought the watercolour would take the attention away from the very detailed cathedral and wheel inside the heart. What do you all think?
  4. Hi, I got a tattoo back in October and just had it touched up yesterday. She added some white lines in the crane but do they look OK? They seem a bit wobbly to me, but maybe that's just because it's just been done and it will change appearance when it's healed? Any feedback would be appreciated :-) thanks