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  1. Welcome! I'd love to see some of your work! That is if you want too show your work of course.
  2. I agree! Well placed and well executed.
  3. Yeah, I've been thinking about getting a ship.. something like this; thanks for responding!
  4. Hey So my first tattoo is just about done healing and I'm itching to get more on ink my arm. I have quite a few ideas; medusa, skull with snake and roses, goat skull, lamp etc.. Only problem is I cant picture the whole thing in my head, I dont really know what would compliment the anchor I allready have. So I was wondering if you guys have any good ideas on what would compliment the anchor? I want a half-sleeve that goes over my hand. And yes, I'm going to ask my tattoo artist about it, only problem is I live 5 hours from where he lives. I'm going to visit him in about 1 month..
  5. I'll do that. Thanks again, for all the help!
  6. Okey! I'll check the store/pharmacy for Aveeno first thing tomorrow!
  7. Really appreciate that you guys are taking the time to help me! I think I'll try dry healing it, and if it gets REALLY dry at some point I'll just add a little bit of ointment. Does that sound like a good plan?
  8. I've applied lotion 4-5 times a day. I used something called Bacimycin but I consulted with my tattoo artist and changed to a product called "Tattoo Aftercare". He said the same thing as you, that I put too much ointment on. So now I'm just adding lotion when i see that the tattoo getting dry. When i woke up this morning I saw that the blisters was starting to peel and dry up. Hopefully it will heal nicely after this. I'll post a picture when its healed.
  9. And yes, it has started to peel.(as you can see at the top of the tattoo)
  10. Hey! Just got my first tattoo so I still dont know how my skin heals after getting inked. It's been 5 days since i got tattoed and at the third day it started to come these tiny lumps under the tattoo, kinda looks like blisters. Is this normal, and if so, what is it??
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