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  1. I have no picture, but the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo is the immediate one that comes to mind. I liked the suspense of the movie, but imo the tattoo wasn't the greatest.
  2. The first tattoo that I saw was on my dad. He has a "USMC" tattoo he got in the Phillipines in the 80's when he was in the marines. My grandpa also had several tattoos that he got when he was in the navy. He got them mostly when the ship was docking at different ports in the Mediterranean sea. He had a sailor woman on his right forearm, a panther head on his right bicep, and a heart tattoo with "Mom" on his left bicep. I remember staring at them for awhile. He mostly wore long sleeved flannels so I didn't see them a lot. I do remember telling my friends that they both had tattoos.
  3. By the way, I could sit here all day and watch this stuff! Each one has been better than the last.
  4. I'm sure no artist could complain about that, depending on the book....
  5. DrewA


    My whole house is filled with those and the old crystal ones.... It's an older house so things like that are nice but the plumbing, electrical, not so much.
  6. I've been to a shop here in Wisconsin where they all wear scrubs. I guess the idea was to "appear" more cleanly. I don't really get it. One of the artists does pretty good work that's why I went there, not because of the scrubs.
  7. DrewA


    Very cool. I like the website! I might give it a go. Drew
  8. Wow... there are some awesome bikes on here! I have nothing special... it is a 1980 Yamaha Maxim 650. Good for getting to work and back.
  9. DrewA


    I am not heavily covered in tattoos, but I have a couple. I posted two of them in the gallery, and they should be attached to this post. Both of these tattoos were done by Abe Krupinski of the Flesh Chamber in Appleton. The sailor woman was a replica tattoo of one that my grandpa had. He got it when he was in the Navy in the 50's. I'm not sure who the artist was. It is of a woman in a sailor uniform with a mop and bucket. I put the dates my grandpa lived underneath. The tiger is a tiger... not too complex.
  10. DrewA

    Sailor Woman

    This tattoo is a replica of a tattoo my grandpa received when he was in the navy in the 50's. It is of a woman in a sailor uniform with a mop and bucket.
  11. DrewA

    Tiger 3 0f 3

    A tiger done by Abe Krupinski.
  12. DrewA

    Tiger 2 of 3

    A tiger done by Abe Krupinski.
  13. DrewA

    Tiger 1 of 3

    A tiger done by Abe Krupinski.
  14. DrewA


    Most definitely! I don't think I would ever get a cheese tattoo, but we always joke about it at work. The best idea has been Chuck E Cheese skipping along a golden cheese road.... working hard!
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