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    Thanks for the warm welcome :) I don't have specific restriction for the tattoo, locations and things like that but I would like it to be somehow visible for me atleast ( the meaning of it is pretty motivational xD ). I do however want a design like that ( the shape(s) is what mostly matters ). If you are interested in the origins of it google : "Digimon crests". Feel free to let your imagination run wild tho :). As for a second tattoo I didn't think about that a lot, will probably happen when there is again something really meaningful to me that I want to paint on myself, so no need to worry too much about that. @Tornado7 Interestingly enough, I was actually born in 1996 xD @sipes23 I live in a rather small city ( around 500k people ) and it's the biggest city around here. I will choose an artist that I trust but there aren't many around :(
  2. taigi100


    Hey, my name is Roby. I'm 20 years old and for a few years now thinking about getting my first tattoo. Finally decided that it is time that I do the proper research for it so here I am :) In terms of design, I am thinking something alike the following image. From the picture only the outline matters, not the colours. It is basically a combination of the following: They both have huge emotional meaning for me personally as they do represent an important part of my childhood. In big lines, the first one represents courage and the second one friendship. Initially, I've only thought about getting the first one ( the sun ) but later I found a combination of the two. Here are my questions: 1. Where should I place it? I know I want someplace visible for me yet not sure where. As for my build, I'm a tall fit (gymnastics like body ) guy, in his early 20s. Thinking inner forearm but not sure. 2. What suggestions do you have about the design? All ideas are welcome :)