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  1. mine i got from my personal friend and artist that has done all mine when i was 19 or so. i had never met him before and a mutual friend asked if i would take him to get a tattoo at his house so i said yeah sure lets go. we get to the guys house and my buddy i took there gets his work done. the artist was cleaning every thing up and putting every thing in the autoclave, my buddy asked me if i wanted gas money or a tattoo so i said i have been wanting dog tags on my chest so the artist finishes cleaning every thing, and gets new needles, tubes, ink cups every thing you would expect in a shop an
  2. yea i was gonna get a cheap ebay machine just for a decoration since they are like 10 bucks. he has a few machines already. my buddy works in a cnc shop so i was also debating on drawing some thing in autocad and have him cut it out and make a custom machine. will tattoo supply places ship just the coils and the stuff to build a machine? i could see why they wont ship a full machine out to a person with out a shop. trying to discourage scratches and support safe tattooing.
  3. i am just looking for a cheap decent liner prolly for him. nothing i will break the bank with. i was gonna get him one off of ebay just for a decoration. that would suck if he wont sell it to me for my buddy that has a business and all that.
  4. hey guys whats up? im shawn im just a normal every day guy from fl that enjoys getting tattooed and i wanted to sign up on a forum to ask a question that maybe you guys can awnser. my tattoo artist is coming back to fl and i want to get him a welcome home present. so what else is better then a tattoo machine. but i dont know what to look for in one. i want some thing decent that he could use as a backup machine.
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